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                             egardless of whether you embrace or defy the inevitability of change, one thing remains constant – the realization of a
                             greater public good, which is created when resources are maximized to bring the highest benefit to the community.
                      R In 1998 our community schools were in crisis with severe overcrowding. The number of students significantly exceeded
                       the designed capacity of the school facilities. Forty-five percent of the then-17,000 William S. Hart Union High School District
                       students were considered “unhoused,” with most occupying temporary facilities.
                               Funding for new schools was difficult to come by and locating suitable sites was even harder. The community faced tough

                       times having faced the defeat of two school bond measures.
                               Something had to be done to break the bottleneck. With forward-thinking ambition, the Hart District board developed a
                       concept for a public-private partnership that could get a school project off the ground, move it along quickly, while minimizing
                       costs and maximizing state funding.
                               The school district’s concept was to form a public-benefit corporation – a private non-profit foundation – that could focus
                       on a single school building project and bring it to fruition.
                               Working with prominent community leaders, the school district board helped establish the Santa Clarita Valley Facilities

                       Foundation with a mission to find a way to build the much-needed Golden Valley High School and relieve severe overcrowding.
                               The task was not an easy one, nor was it without setbacks and challenges. With steadfast determination, unwavering
                       resolve, and in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita and the Hart District, the Facilities Foundation set out to accomplish
                       one of the largest public works projects in the City’s history.
                               The resulting joint venture resulted in the completion of a key portion of the Golden Valley Road cross-valley connector at a
                       substantial cost savings to taxpayers. And then in August 2004, Golden Valley High School opened its doors helping to alleviate
                       overcrowding in other local high schools.
                               The Facilities Foundation is pleased to have completed its strategic plan to assist the Hart District in locating future school sites,
                       identifying opportunities, and funding other education-related projects, and of its ability to bring outside assistance to the complex

                       financial school funding system.

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