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“From the desolate hills in the

        heart of our City emerged a
        diamond in the rough.”
                                                                                GOLDEN VALLEY
                                                    ~~ Evan Aldrich
                                       Golden Valley Project Manager            COMMUNITY BENEFITS

                                                                                Roads and schools are always at the top of any list of community
                                                                                needs. It’s not surprising, then, to find a myriad of ways in which the
                                                                                community benefitted from the Golden Valley project:

                                                                                •  A 51-acre high school site with a panoramic view at a cost
                                                                                    significantly below the 2004 appraised value of $30 million
                                                                                    – a savings to taxpayers.

                                                                                •  Freedom to select the most desirable school site without relying
                                                                                    on a developer’s timetable.

                                                                                •  A high school strategically located near an existing junior high,
                                                                                    which facilitated the Hart District’s goal of paired feeder schools.

                                                                                •  A centrally-located high school to serve existing populations from
                                                                                    established neighborhoods and future developments in the area.

                                                                                •  Relief from overcrowding at high school campuses across the
                                                                                    Hart District.

                                                                                •  A key roadway phase of the Cross-Valley Connector, which helped
                                                                                    ease Santa Clarita’s traffic congestion and increase traffic
                                                                                    circulation for the east side of the Santa Clarita Valley.

                                                                                •  Access to the George A. Caravalho Sports Complex and a Joint-
                                                                                    Use Agreement with the City of Santa Clarita for District swim

                                                                                •  Access to Centre Pointe Business Park with its capacity to bring
                                                                                    5,000 new jobs to the area and extension of the City’s Trail System.

                                                                                •  Savings in excess of $12.5 million in taxpayer dollars based on
                                                                                    the ability to complete grading for both the high school site and
                                                                                    road simultaneously.

                                                                                •  Proceeds reinvested in over 400 acres of prime land held for
                                                                                    future school sites.

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