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                     Local Agency Formation Commission
                         for the County of Los Angeles


               As a condition to the Local Agency Formation Commission for the County of Los Angeles' (LAFCO's)
               evaluation of the Applicant's proposal, the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency and hereby warrants,
               represents, and agrees to defend, indemnify, hold harmless LAFCO and its agents, officers,
               commissioners, and employees from any claim, action, or proceeding against LAFCO or its agents,
               officers, commissioners, and employees, relating to or arising out of LAFCO's evaluation or processing
               of the proposal, including, but not limited to, any action to attack, set aside, void, annul, enjoin, or
               compel LAFCO's approval, disapproval, evaluation, or processing of the proposal, which indemnification
               obligation includes, but is not limited to, Applicant being required to pay for any costs and  reasonable
               attorneys' fees incurred or anticipated to be incurred by LAFCO in connection with any such action.
               This indemnification obligation shall not include intentional or willful misconduct on the part of LAFCO,
               but shall include passive and/or concurrent active negligence by LAFCO.  Applicant agrees that LAFCO
               has the right to appoint its own counsel for its defense and conduct its own defense in the manner it
               deems in its best interest, and that such actions will not relieve or limit Applicant's obligation to
               indemnify and  reimburse defense costs.  At the discretion of the Executive Officer, a deposit or
               deposits of funds by the Applicant may be required in an amount or amounts sufficient to cover any
               anticipated or incurred litigation costs.


               By my signature below, I hereby certify my understanding that:

                   •·  I/We are authorized to make these certifications and file this application for conditions with
                      LAFCO on behalf the special district, and/or other party filing said application for conditions, and
                      I/we will provide written evidence of same to LAFCO upon request.
                   •   It is the responsibility of the Applicant to substantiate this application for conditions.
                   •   There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that any application filed will be approved by
                   •   Each matter must be carefully evaluated by LAFCO staff.
                   •   LAFCO staff's recommendations may change during the course of the review based on the
                      information presented.
                   •   The environmental review (pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act) associated
                      with the submittal of this application is preliminary, and, after further evaluation, additional
                      information, reports, studies, applications, and/or fees may be required.
                   •   The required map and geographic description must conform to the "Instructions of Completing
                      Maps and Geographic Descriptions," to the satisfaction of the Executive Officer.
                   •   Submitting inaccurate or incomplete information may result in delays or denial of my
                   •   The information I have provided in this application for conditions, including all attachments and
                      supplemental information provided, is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge,
                      subject to penalty of perjury.
                  •   This application for conditions will be scheduled for consideration by the Commission (LAFCO)
                      within 60 days from the time all required documents are provided, to the satisfaction of the
                      Executive Officer.  These documents include:

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