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                     Local Agency Formation Commission
                         for the County of Los Angeles


               a.  Establish conditions for the Agency pursuant to the implementation of SB 634. Pursuant to SB 634,
                   the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water) is required to submit an application for
                   conditions to LAFCO and  LAFCO is required to, after a noticed public hearing, prepare a written
                   report that may contain certain binding conditions on SCV Water.

               5.   LANDOWNERS:

               a.   Approximate number of landowners within the affected territory:  84,500 parcels

               b.   Do the boundaries of the proposal conform to existing lines of assessment?
                                              !ID Yes      D No

                    If "No," explain:

               6.   REGISTERED VOTERS:

                   As of 12/31/2017 approximate number of registered voters:   151.137 in the 2016 general election

                   Note:  State law defines a proposed change of organization or reorganization as either
                    "Uninhabited," in which case there are fewer than 12 registered voters in the affected territory, or
                    "Inhabited'" in which case there are 12 or more registered voters.

               7.   GENERAL INFORMATION:

               a.   Location of affected territory:

                    Cities:                                         School Districts:
                    Santa Clarita                                   William S.  Hart Union High School District
                                                                    Newhall School District
                    Unincorporated Territory known as:              Saugus Union School District
                    County of Los Angeles                           Sulphur Springs School District
                    County of Ventura

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