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                     Local Agency Formation Commission
                         for the County of Los Angeles

                b.   Describe the location of the affected territory, including major thoroughfares (freeways, highways,
                    streets, alleys) that border or traverse the territory, natural features (water bodies, mountain
                    ranges, etc.), man-made features (existing development, utility corridors, flood/drainage channels
                    or basins, railroad lines, etc.), and any other characteristics that help identify the affected territory.

                     The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency is located in the northwestern portion of Los Angeles
                     County, approximately 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The majority of the territory lies
                     within the City of Santa Clarita or portions of unincorporated Los Angeles County. Major
                     thoroughfares traversing the territory include the Antelope Valley Freeway (SR-14), California
                     State Highway 126 and the Golden State Freeway (1-5). The Santa Clara  River flows through the
                     territory from east to west.

               c.   Size of affected territory:

                     ± Acres:     125,366
                     ±_Sq. Miles:   197

               d.   Provide a general description of the affected territory and existing land-uses, including, but not
                    limited to: commercial, industrial, multi-family or single-family residential, institutional, active
                    recreational, and/or passive open space.

                     The territory includes the following land uses:  commercial, industrial, multi-family and single-
                     family residential, institutional, active recreational, and passive open space.

               e.   Provide a general description of the topography (flat, sloping, mountainous, etc.) of the affected

                    The Santa Clarita Valley has diverse topography, the area is generally a large valley surrounded
                     by the mountains of the Los Angeles National Forest.

               f.   Provide a general description of any natural boundaries (rivers, lakes, streambeds, mountain
                   ranges, etc.) within or adjacent to the affected territory.

                    The most significant local features would include Lake Castaic, the Santa Clara River, San
                    Francisquito and Bouquet Canyons and the mountains of the Angeles National Forest.

               g.   Provide a general description of any flood control facilities (dams, reservoirs, flood control
                   channels, debris basins, catch basins, etc.) within or adjacent to the affected territory that would be
                   utilized by the Agency.

                    The main flood control facilities within the area would include Lake Castaic and flood control
                    channels, debris basins and catch basins throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and adjacent to the
                    Santa Clara River.

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