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PROJECT NO. 04-075-(5)                                      CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL
                 AMENDMENT TO VESTING TENTATIVE                                                PAGE4OF4
                 TRACT MAP NO. 060922 AND HIGHWAY
                 REALIGNMENT RPPL2016004512

                19.  The subdivider shall  not obtain any new grading  permit for the  project prior to the
                     recordation of the final map unless otherwise authorized by the Director.

                PRIOR TO FINAL MAP

                20.  The project site shall  be  developed and  maintained  in  substantial  compliance with
                     the approved Exhibit "A''/Exhibit Map dated November 16, 2016, or a Revised Exhibit
                     "A" I Amended  Exhibit Map approved by the Director. Five (5) copies of a modified
                     Exhibit "A"/Exhibit Map shall be submitted to  Regional Planning by March 21, 2017
                     to depict open space amenities on the multi-family residence lots.

                21.  All  vesting  tentative  tract  map  conditions  of  TR060922  not  amended  by  this
                     amendment map, and all conditional use permit (CUP) conditions of associated and
                     previously approved CUP 04-075 and CUP 200900121  apply except a modification
                     to  CUP 04-075  shall  be filed with  Regional  Planning prior to  a final  map clearance
                     request regarding:  minor changes to  conditions (such as references to  lot numbers
                     and  similar  such  references);  and  reduced  grading  quantities  and  similar  such
                     reduced impacts associated with this amendment request.

                Subdivision Committee Report excerpt
                Final EIR Addendum
                Original approval package
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