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                                                COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES
                                             REALIGNMENT NO. 2016004512

                1.     The Hearing Officer of Los Angeles County, Mr. Alejandro Garcia, conducted a duly
                        noticed  public meeting in the  matter of an  Amendment to  Vesting Tentative Tract
                        Map No. 060922 (Amendment) on  December 20, 2016.

                2.     The Amendment proposes the following changes to the approved Vesting Tentative
                       Tract Map No.  060922 (TR 060922):

                       •  Adjustments to the configuration of lots,
                       •  Substitution of  384 single-family residence lots with four multi-family residence
                           lots developed with 344 detached, single-family residence condominium units,
                       •  Relocation of the public school,  public park and  private recreation and park lots,
                       •  Alterations to  private drives and  fire  lanes,  street locations and  realignment of
                           Skyline Ranch Road,
                       •  Elimination of a proposed pedestrian bridge.

                3.     Only items proposed for modification are considered  by the  Hearing Officer at the
                       public  meeting.  All  other  project  features  and  conditions  remain  as  previously
                       approved.  The conditions of approval provide for appropriate mitigation measures.

                4.     The subject site is located west of Sierra Highway, south of Vasquez Canyon Road,
                       and  north of the city of Santa Clarita in the Sand Canyon Zoned District.

                5.     The  irregularly-shaped  property  is  vacant  and  undeveloped,  in  a  mostly  natural
                       condition with level to steeply sloping topography.

                6.     The 2,500-unit Plum  Canyon  project is immediately to the northwest,  single-family
                       residential uses are to the east, south and west of the site.  Access to the proposed
                       development  is  provided  by  Whites  Canyon/Plum  Canyon  Roads  and  Sierra

                7.     The project site is currently zoned R-1  (Single-Family Residence, 5,000 Square Feet
                       Minimum Required Lot Area), A-2-2 (Heavy Agricultural, 2 Acres Minimum Required
                       Lot Area) and A-1-2 (Light Agricultural, 2 Acre Minimum Required Lot Area).

                8.     Surrounding  zoning  includes zone A-2-2 to  the  north,  zone A-2-1  and  the  City of
                       Santa Clarita to the  south, zones A-2-2, A-1-1  (Light Agricultural,  1 Acre Minimum
                       Required  Lot Area),  A-1-2 and  R-1  to the east and  zones A-2-2,  O-S,  RPD-6,000-
                       5.9U,  RPD-20,000-2.4U and the City of Santa Clarita to the west.
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