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P. 7

                                               COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES
                                            REALIGNMENT RPPL2016004512

                The project is an amendment to Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 060922 (Amendment)
                proposes  adjustments  to  the  configuration  of  lots,  substitution  of  384  single-family
                residence lots with four multi-family residence lots developed with 344 detached, single-
                family  residence  condominium  units,  relocation  of the  public  school,  public  park  and
                private recreation and park lots, alterations to private drives and fire lanes, street locations
                and realignment of Skyline Ranch  Road  (Realignment No. 2016004512) and elimination
                of a proposed pedestrian bridge, subject to the following conditions of approval:

                GENERAL CONDITIONS

                1.   Unless otherwise  apparent from  the  context, the term  "permittee"  shall  include the
                     applicant,  owner of the  property,  and  any other person,  corporation, or other entity
                     making use of this grant.

                2.   This grant shall  not be effective for any purpose until the  permittee,  and the owner
                     of the subject property if other than the permittee,  have filed at the office of the Los
                     Angeles  County  (County)  Department  of  Regional  Planning  (Regional  Planning)
                     their affidavit stating that they are aware of and agree to accept all of the conditions
                     of this grant, and that the conditions of the grant have been recorded as required by
                     Condition No.  7.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Condition No.  2 and  Condition
                     Nos. 4, 5, and 8 shall be effective immediately upon the date of final approval of this
                     grant by the County.

                3.   Unless otherwise apparent from  the context, the term  "date of final  approval" shall
                     mean the date the County's action becomes effective pursuant to Section 22.60.260
                     of the County Code.

                4.   The  permittee  shall  defend,  indemnify,  and  hold  harmless the  County,  its  agents,
                     officers, and employees from any claim, action, or proceeding against the County or
                     its  agents,  officers,  or employees  to  attack,  set  aside,  void,  or annul  this  permit
                     approval,  which  action is  brought within  the applicable time  period  of Government
                     Code  Section  65009  or any  other applicable  limitations  period.  The  County shall
                     promptly notify the permittee of any claim, action, or proceeding and the County shall
                     fully cooperate in the defense.  If the County fails to  promptly notify the permittee of
                     any claim action or proceeding, or if the County fails to cooperate fully in the defense,
                     the  permittee  shall  not  thereafter  be  responsible  to  defend,  indemnify,  or  hold
                     harmless the County.

                5.   In the event that any claim, action, or proceeding as described above is filed against
                     tho County, tho pormittoo  shElll  within ten  dEJys  of the filing  make an  initial  deposit
                     with  Regional  Planning in the amount of up to  $5,000.00, from  which  actual costs
                     and expenses shall be billed and deducted for the purpose of defraying the costs or

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