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PROJECT NO. 04-075-(5)                                      CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL
                 AMENDMENT TO VESTING TENTATIVE                                                PAGE 3 OF 4
                 TRACT MAP NO. 060922 AND HIGHWAY
                 REALIGNMENT RPPL2016004512

                12.  All  development pursuant to  this  grant shall  conform  with  the  requirements of the
                     County Department of Public Works to the satisfaction of said department.

                13.  All development pursuant to this grant shall comply with the requirements of Title 22
                     of the  County Code  (Zoning  Ordinance)  and  of the  specific zoning  of the  subject
                     property,  unless specifically modified by this grant, as set forth  in these conditions,
                     including  the  approved  Exhibit  Map  or an  amended  Exhibit Map  approved  by the
                     Director of Regional Planning (Director).

                14.  The permittee shall maintain the subject property in a neat and orderly fashion. The
                     permittee  shall  maintain  free  of  litter  all  areas  of the  premises  over  which  the
                     permittee has control.

                15.  All  structures,  walls  and  fences open  to  public view shall  remain  free  of graffiti  or
                     other extraneous markings, drawings, or signage that was not approved by Regional
                     Planning.  These  shall  include any of the  above that do  not  directly relate  to  the
                     business being operated on the premises or that do not provide pertinent information
                     about said premises.  The only exceptions shall be seasonal decorations or signage
                     provided under the auspices of a civic or non-profit organization.

                     In  the event of graffiti or other extraneous markings occurring,  the  permittee  shall
                     remove or cover said markings, drawings, or signage within 24 hours of notification
                     of such  occurrence,  weather permitting.  Paint  utilized  in  covering  such  markings
                     shall  be  of a color that  matches,  as  closely as  possible,  the  color of the  adjacent

                16.  The subject property shall  be developed and  maintained in  substantial compliance
                     with  the  Amendment  to  Vesting  Tentative  Tract  Map  No.  060922  and  Highway
                     Realignment No.  2016004512.  If changes to  the  map  are  required  as  a result of
                     instruction given at the public meeting, six (6) copies of a modified amendment to
                     Vesting  Tentative Tract Map  No.  060922  shall  be  submitted to  Regional  Planning
                     within sixty (60) days of the date of final approval.

                17.  In  the  event  that  subsequent  revisions  to  the  approved  Amendment  to  Vesting
                     Tentative  Tract  Map  060922  are  submitted,  the  permittee  shall  submit  five  (5)
                     copies of the  proposed  plans to  the  Director for review and  approval.  All  revised
                     plans  must be  accompanied  by the written  authorization  of the  property owner(s)
                     and applicable fee for such revision.


                18.  The subdivider shall file and diligently pursue a conditional use permit with Regional
                     Planning for modification or elimination of conditions relating to immaterial changes
                     such  as  differences  in  lot  numbers,  clarification  of  grading  quantities  and  other
                     reduced impacts associated with the project.
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