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         z,         been  considering  vasectomy  here's  a
         31 PLANNED  PARENTHOOD.  If  you've
         chance to have it done  and donate the cost to the
         valley's  boys  and  girls.  The  service  will  be
         performed  by  an  experienced,  licensed  local
         physician, in his office. Winner must take advantage
         of the offer before the end of this year. Write it off,
         you'll walk away a new man.             Anonymous

         z,          That's  right!  The  ghosts  of  Hollymont  z,             This  is  not  only  a  decorator  item  and
         32Sup             WITH  THE  SUPERNATURAL.                 33 BICENTENNIAL  FIRE  HYDRANT.
         House,  legendary mansion in the Hollywood Hills,          conversation piece, it's a valuable collector's article.
         have prepared an evening of intrigue for your own          It's  an  authentic  cast  bronze, Jones  Steamer  fire
         party of eight. It'll start with cocktails and dinner,     hydrant,  beautifully  hand-painted  to  depict  a
         include a tour of the haunting 50-year-old mansion         revolutionary  war  period  drummer  boy.  Denny
         through circular stairways, past French doors that         Crocker, the creator,  brought nation-wide fame  to
         open  on  their  own,  to  the  private  chapel,  and      the city of Burbank for  the colorful painting of  all
         perhaps ... a visit from the unearthly guests of the       the city's  fire  hydrants.  It's also designed to meet
         house.  Spooky, spine-tinkling, but fabulous!              LA County specifications.
                                          Mr. Donald L. Jolly                                            Denny Crocker
                         Allstate Savings & Loan Association                                   Valencia Water Company

          z,         The  most  extravagant  item  offered  at      duty-free  shopping  or  choose  your  recreation;
         34 A  LUXURY  CRUISE  TO  MEXICO!                          Italian crew. Lounge or stroll the teak decks, enjoy

         our  auction  can  be  yours.  A  full  7-day  vacation    swimming,  shuffleboard,  trapshooting,  driving
         cruise  for  two  to  Mexico.  You'll  board  Sitmar       range.  (In the evening enjoy a  movie in the ship's
         Cruises' luxurious flagship, the "T.S.S. Fairsea" (of      private  theater  or  the  five  pubs  for  cocktails,
         Liberian registry) in Los  Angeles  on  the Saturday       nightly floor shows, dance bands, discotheque and a
         of  your  choice  from  September  18  through             casino.) You'll visit Puerto Vallarta and the famous
         November 6.  A  fabulous,  first-class  stateroom  on      Playa  del  Sol,  Mazatlan,  with  its  shopping  and
         the Bahamas deck or better with an outside, ocean          marlin sportfishing and Caho San Lucas, the tip of
         view - completely air-conditioned,  carpeted,  with        Baja,  for  some  fabulous  skin-diving.  The trip  will
         two lower beds and private facilities,  will be your       never  cost  you  less,  bid  on  it  -  you  deserve  it.
         home for the week.                                         (Retail value, $1,360)
         You'll be spoiled and pampered by the 500-member                                                Sitmar Cruises
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