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     GROUP  1

                                                                104  TUNE 'ER UP.  Tune up your car to per-
                                                                         fection with a complete automobile electri-
                                                                cal examination and tune-up.  This service includes
                                                                new  points,  carburetor  adjustment,  new  spark
                                                                plugs  and  condenser;  domestic  cars  only.  Arm-
                                                                strong's will have your buggy running like a Rolls.
                                                                Does not include valve adjustment.
                                                                                  Armstrong Towing & Auto Repair

                                                                105  CENTENNIAL  CARVING.  An  intricate
                                                                         wood  carving  commemorating  Newhall's
    101  Real GAS SavVER .. Cut your transporta-                100th year. This is the original (number 1)  carving
              tion costs  with  this  Schwmn  Varsity
     10-speed, a light weight, durable carbon steel frame       of a limited edition of 50; it could become a valuable
     bike with forged steel fork, Schwinn's most popular        collector's item.
     ten-speed, in the frame size that's right for you.                                             The Woodchuck
                                        Valencia Cyclery

                                                               106  SUMMER DAY  CAMP  I.  Let your child
                                                                         (age  5-12)  experience  the  rural  environ-
                                                               ment  of  this  unique  pre-school  and  summer  day
                                                               camp  which  includes  a  barn,  farm  animals,  fruit
    102  A  BRILLIANT  DEDUCTION.  Don't  let                  orchards and  gardens.  The  camp  provides  fun,
             Uncle Sam's tax forms give you work and           fr1endsh1p,  and  a  variety  of  activities  including
    worry  again  next  year.  Triple  Check,  Inc.  will      camp  cookery,  tennis  and  swimming  lessons,
    prepare your  1976  federal  and  state  tax  returns,     horseback riding, Indian and folklore,  ecology and
    plus  up  to five  schedules.  No  more  preoccupation     much more. This item is the first session, 4 weeks,
    with changing laws and faulty arithmetic. Make the         M-W-F,  June 21-July 16.
    arrangements now, and you can relax as April 15th                               Town and Country Farm School
    approaches.                        Triple Check, Inc.
                                                                107  START A RECORD LIBRARY.  Fourteen
                                                                         record albums, several with double records
                                                               will help  start your  music  collection.  Set  includes
                                                               classical, jazz, soundtracks and Christmas favorites.
                                                                                      Quality Moving & Storage Co.
    103  CHANNEL  FISHING  CRUISE.  A  six-
              hour trip for three on the "Sea Angler", a
    65-foot  sport-fishing  boat,  complete  with  fishing
    gear,  galley,  and  fish-finder.  Cruise  the  Santa      108  POLISH YOUR PEARLS.  Your family  of
    Barbara Channel from Oxnard to the famous fishing                    four will be given dental care if you're the
    grounds off Anacapa Island.  All  the salmon,  bass,       winning  bidder  for  this  item.  It  includes  teeth
    and yellowtail you catch is yours to keep.                 cleaning, fluoride treatment and X-rays.
                                           Cisco-Oxnard                                                 Tom Carter

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