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        109       "YELLOW ROSES". This floral painting is
                  by  Margit  Melicher,  an  artist  of  the
         traditional school from Hungary. Her artistic works
         have  won  her  many  recognition  awards  and  her
         paintings  adorn  many  of  the  business  establish-
         ments in the valley.
                                             Margit Melicher

         110      SEASON'S ENTERTAINMENT.  A family
                  membership  in  the  Community  Concert
         Series  will  allow  you  to  attend  four  local  per-
         formances,  including a classic,  pop  and jazz trio,  a
         chamber  music  trio,  comic  opera  theatre  and  a
         singer-guitarist-dancer-composer.  The  winning            112  STUFF IT.  Have a small animal or animal
         bidder is also allowed to attend any other concert in               head  stuffed  and  mounted  for  your den.
         other Community Concert programs with available            Up to $100  work will be done  on  an  animal  which
         space.                                                     died of natural causes. Please, no in-laws.
               Santa Clarita Community Concert Association                                     Miller Taxidermy Studio

                                                                    113  FLICK YOUR BIC.  But do it in style with
                                                                             this custom-designed turquoise and silver
                                                                    cigarette lighter. It's compact and impressive.
                                                                                                           Lynn Cosmos

                                                                   114       SUMMER  SPREE.  A  week's  entertain-
                                                                             ment  for  your  family  or  for  those
                                                                    out-of-town  guests.  Tickets  for  four  persons  to
                                                                    Universal Studios, Lion Country Safari, Movieland
                                                                    Wax  Museum,  NBC  Color  City  TV  Studio  Tour,
                                                                    Busch Gardens and Marineland.
                                                                                                 Universal Studios Tour
                                                                                               Lion Country Safari, Inc.
                                                                                               Movieland Wax Museum
                                                                                      NBC Television Stations Division
                                                                                            Busch Gardens Los Angeles

                                                                   115      DISPOSABLE.  Have  this  Insinkerator
                                                                             model  77 / garbage  disposal  installed  in
                                                                   your home  and  you'll  never  worry  about  garbage
        111  A  YEAR'S  Worth           OF  ICE  CREAM.            again.  It's  one  of  the  finest  disposals  available.
                 That's  what  you'll  get  from  Farrell's!       Installation  excludes  electrical  work  or  excessive
       Twelve  (count  'em,  12)  coupons,  each  good  for  all   plumbing connections.
       the  ice  cream you  can  eat,  once  a  month,  for  an                                   Haggerty Enterprises
       entire year!  Use them at any  Farrell's Ice  Cream                                                  Lloyd Franz
       Parlour in the world.    If you've been to Farrell's,
       you know what this  prize is worth!

                    Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants                    CLOSING  9:00

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