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         209  YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED.  Have your art
                 work custom framed, or select an art piece
         from. the  donor  for  framing  with  this  $50  gift
         certificate.                       Epic Art Gallery

                  you're starting a  new business  or  simply
        plan  some  personal  correspondence,  these  250
        thermographed letterheads and envelopes will help
        convey your message and your image. It's a raised
        ink process, impressive.
                                   Pacific Printing Company
                                                                   214  SHINING-CLEAN  CARPET.  Get  back
                                                                             that  new  look!  Magic  Maintenance  will
         211  SPECTACULAR.  Your  teenager  will                   steam-clean the carpeting in  your home anywhere
                  absolutely  flip  over  this  item.  It's  a     in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Up to 600  square feet.
        personally  autographed,  limited -edition  pressing                                Magic Maintenance Service
        (only  2,000)  of "Captain  Fantastic  and  the  Brown
        Dirt Cowboy"  by  Elton  John.  This  record  album
        could make your teenager the idol of the block.
                                 John Reid Enterprises, Inc.

         212  BIG OAKS BASH.  Wine,  dine  and  dance
                  your  lover  in  the  seclusion  of  beautiful
        Bouquet  Canyon.  Start  your  evening  off  with           215 "ADOBE SHED".  A painting of the Santa
        cocktails.Thenenjoy an Armenian dinner with wine                     Clarita Valley's first  schoolhouse  built in
         and spend the evening dancing to the music of Cindy        1872  at  Mitchell  Ranch.  The  work  is  by  Alison
         & Co.                               Big Oaks Lodge         Hoeltje,a local artist who attended the University of
                                                                    Iowa  Art  School.  She  has  conducted  many
                                                                    workshops and recently displayed paintings of local
         213  CENTENNIAL  TOUR.  George  and                        scenes at the Valencia library.
                  Eleanor Burbach will give three people an                                               Alison Hoeltje
         h1stor1cal tour of the Santa Clarita Valley in one of
         the Burbach's antique cars with a stop at a beautiful
         valley spot for  picnic-style refreshments.  May  not
         be taken in Winter.
                                  George & Eleanor Burbach                    CLOSING  9:10

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