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4 SKI  MAMMOTH!  A  fabulous  five-day
                                                                            ski  vacation  for  eight  people,  two
                                                                 families  or all  adults,  at  a  luxurious  condominium
                                                                 centrally  located  near  Mammoth  Mountain,  ski
                                                                 capital  of  the  West.  From  Sunday  afternoon  to
                                                                 Friday  noon  you'll  have  ideal  accommodations:  a
                                                                 completely furnished condominium,  2 bedrooms,  2
                                                                baths, with dishwasher, linens, cable TV, a jacuzzi,
                                                                 sauna and a cozy fireplace. Sleeps eight in comfort.
                                                                 Available  during this  coming  winter  season  only,
                                                                November thru July,  excluding Christmas,  Easter
                                                                vacation and other holidays.
                                                                                               Lee and Diane Weber

                                                                         5 GROW  YOUR  OWN,  HYDROPONI-
                                                                            CALLY.  A  gardener's dream!  You'll be
                                                                 able to forget  about  messy  soils,  unwanted  weeds
                                                                 and  persistent  garden  pests  with  this  2'  x  6'
                                                                 hydroponic  tank.  Using  only  water,  inorganic
                                                                 material and plant food this E-Z Garden System can
                                                                be used anywhere - patio, backyard, roof, balcony
                 THE  SPIRIT OF  '76.  Take  part in  the        -  even  indoors.  It's ideal  for  the  condominium
                 valley's biggest-ever 4th of July parade       owner or apartment renter.  You'll  spend  no  more
      by riding in Judge MacDougall's 1912 Ford touring         than one hour a week and a few dollars a month to
      car.  This  year  marks  the 50th  anniversary  of  the   grow your own fresh,  tasty fruits and vegetables.
      parade,  the  Newhall  centennial  and  our  nation's                                Jennings Compound Bow
      bicentennial,  so  dust  off  your  turn-of-the-century
      duds and join the fun.  If winning bidder will double
      the bid, Judge Mac will allow him/her to drive the
      car in the parade.
                                  Judge C.M. MacDougall

                 WHAT'S  YOUR BEEF?  The Ivey  Beef
                 Ranch of Palm Springs,  California,  will
      steer  you  right  -  with  50  pounds of  beautifully-
      aged, corn-fed beef. These steaks will be delivered
      to  your  home  in  the  Santa  Clarita  Valley.  A  real
      treat at any table - make no bones about it!
                                             Ivey Beef Co.

      i,SA       FASTEN  YOUR  SEAT  BELT!  The
                 wildest  trip  offered  anywhere:  a  30-
      minute ride in the co-pilot's seat of  a  stunt plane!
      Dan  Gray  of  Santa  Paula,  an  instructor  and
      aerobatic  pilot,  will  take  you  up  for  a  spin  in  a       6 THOROUGHBRED.  Have  your  mare
      150-hp Citabria stunt plane. This daredevil pilot will               bred  to  the  thoroughbred  stud  Frank
      treat you to an inside look at his act, a spectacular     Crivello,  #650995.  This  horse  has  won  five races,
      ride including barrel rolls,  stalls and loop-the-loops   wire-to-wire, with  earnings  of  $15,000.  His  last
      as  mild  or strenuous as you  desire.  If this is  your   winning race was  called  13  lengths in front  in  the
      maiden flight,  you're a daredevil!                       first  ½  mile.  Stud service  does  not  include  mare
                                 Michael Dewey Aviation         care.                           Fred & Ellen Wilson

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