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                                                                           News' Artist Howard  Brodie  has made
                                                               an exclusive donation to The Boys' Club Auction of
                                                               two 11" x 14" full-color photos of original courtroom
                                                               sketches made during the Patricia Hearst trial. One
                                                               shows Patti in a reflective moment during her trial,
                                                               the other is a view of the crowded Federal District
                                                               Courtroom in San Francisco showing all participants
                                                               including  Judge  Oliver  Carter,  parents  Randolph
                                                               and  Catherine  Hearst,  defense  attorney  F.  Lee
                                                               Bailey and Patti. Both drawings appeared nationally
                                                               on  CBS  television  earlier  this  year  and  both  are
                                                               autographed by the artist.  Framed  and  ready for
                                                               hanging as a set.                    Howard Brodie
             7 IT'S  A BIRD,  IT'S  A PLANE.  No,  it's
                the  famous  Goodyear  Blimp,  available
     for a special ride for four lucky people, courtesy of           11 DIAMONDS  FOR  Him. This  beautiful
     the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. You'll be                      man's diamond ring has  three skillfully
     among  only  six  passengers  on  board  the  giant       facetted  diamonds  weighing  approximately  1/3
     200-foot  "Columbia".  The trip  will  begin from  the    carat set in  14-carat white gold.  It's an ideal leap-
     airship  base  in  Carson,  and  it  will  include  an    year engagement ring.             Newhall Jewelers
     unforgettable ride over Redondo Beach, San Pedro,
     and the Queen Mary in Long Beach. You'll sit near         A     12 Let ALL  THE  SUN  IN.  And  watch
     the  pilot  and  watch  the  intricate  docking  and                 your  house  plants  grow  green  and
     embarking  procedures.  Available  for  non-com-          healthy in this completely assembled aluminum and
     mercial  purposes  only,  during  the  coming  winter     glass window greenhouse. Install it in place or over
     season,  November,  1976,  to  March,  1977.  Some-       your  present  window.  Choose  from  11  sizes  and
     thing to tell your grand-children about.                  watch with delight as your plants turn into beautiful
                                                               greenhouse specimens.               Jacobs Brothers
                        The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

             8 YOUR OWN BILLBOARD.  Yes, a 12' x
                24' billboard along a major thoroughfare
     in the Santa Clarita Valley will be yours for 30 days.
     Say  whatever  you  want  -   a  birthday  greeting,
     anniversary greeting or message of peace.  It'll be
     professionally painted for you and all your friends to
     see.  Sorry,  no  art  reproductions  included,  and  it
     must be printable.
                      3M National Advertising Company

             9 WEEKEND  AT  THE  OASIS.  Four
                people will  enjoy this weekend in  Palm
     Springs.  You'll  spend  two  nights  at  the  Palm
     Springs  Spa  Hotel  where  you  can  bathe  in  the
     brought fame to Palm Springs. You'll have lunch at  z,          13 SUmmer PLAYBOY.  Yes,  this'll  be
                              the  ones  that  originally
     hotel's  hot  springs  -
                                                                          your  swingingest  summer  ever.  Three
     Melvyn's Ingleside Inn;  it's intimate and exclusive      months  of  free  use  of  a  brand  new  shiny  1976
     in a lush garden setting. Then you'll take the Palm       Corvette  - right off the showroom floor  of  Vince
     Springs  Aerial  Tramway for  an  exciting ride  and      Wiese  Chevrolet.  Cruise  around  town,  zip  to  the
     breathtaking  view  of  the  Palm  Springs  desert        beach. Insurance and security agreement required,
     valley. P.  S. Y you'lllove it.                           the rest is up to you. Value: Just count the girls you
           Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau         pick up!                     Vince Wiese Chevrolet

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