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                                                                           only kind of  transportation that you've
                                                                probably never taken: a one-hour ride for two in  a
                                                                hot-air balloon over the Santa Clarita Valley (Squaw
                                                                Valley or Lake Tahoe,  if you  prefer).  On  a special
                                                                arrangement with the Truckee Balloon Works two
                                                                of you will board the gondola and will be sent aloft
                                                                with  a  licensed  FAA  commercial  balloon  pilot,
                                                                assisted  by  a  professional  ground  crew.  Take
                                                                pictures,  wave  at the birds,  hover  near your own
                                                                home.  Indescribable!
                                                                                            Truckee Balloon Works

                                                                      18 Hilton on Wheels.           Noworryabout
                                                                           'finding  a  vacant  hotel  room  for  the
                                                                winning  bidder,  this  vacation  for  ten  days  in  a
          14 White       WATER  AHEAD.  A  wet  and             Winnebago motorhome will  solve your transporta-
                wild experience: a six-day raft excursion       tion, lodging and dining troubles. Leave on a Friday
    for  one  person  down  the  Colorado  River,  from         and  return  on  the  following  Sunday  before
    Grand  Junction to Lake  Powell,  Arizona,  passing         November 1,  1976. It's 22 feet of traveling comfort
    through  three  states  and  Canyonlands  National          with sleeping space for 6.  Winner must be licensed
    Park.  You'll  embark  on  a  raft  of  Canyonlands         continental  USA  driver  and  must  supply  gas  and
    Expeditions and drift down the Colorado,  camping           insurance. Three weeks advance notice is required.
    at  night  along  the  shores.  You'll  rip  through        Holidays are not included.
    Cataract Canyon's "Mile Long Rapids." Professional                                            Ken Wullschleger
    leaders, excellent food. Bring the family along with
    you.  Make  your  reservation  on  a  space-available
    basis.                Canyonlands Expeditions, Inc.

          15 MOUNTAIN  RETREAT.  Enjoy  a  full
                week  of  fresh  mountain  air  in  a
    picturesque  Lake  Arrowhead  A-frame  cabin.  Ad-
    jacent to the 10th fairway of the Lake Arrowhead
    Country  Club  golf  course.  Three  bedrooms  ac-                       . .
                                                                             ' .
    commodate up  to 10  in  this ideal  golfer's  retreat.
    You  will  be  one  mile  from  the  lake.  Go  fishing,
    swimming  and  hiking.  Christmas  and  Easter
    vacations excluded, it must be used before June 1,
    1977.                Chuck and Peggy Rheinschmidt

    16         BRACE  YOURSELF!  If,  like  many,
                your  children  are  going  to  be  needing
    braces  soon,  brace  yourself.  The  Boys'  Club  is
    privileged to offer for  bid  a  complete,  full-banded
    orthodontic case. This two-to-three-year treatment
    involves straightening, aligning and bite-correcting             19 LUXURY  LEATHER.  This  ladies'
    for  an  adult  or  child.  Average  value  for  this                  blazer is made of the finest quality glove
    treatment  is  between  $1,000  and  $1,500.  Treat-        leather  with  the  feel  of  satin.  It's  made  by
    ments must start before  June  1,  1976  and  do  not       Bagatelle,  a  New  York  designer  of  fine  quality
    include X-rays, orthodontal records or extractions,         women's and men's fashions.  This elegant addition
    if they are necessary.                                      to any woman's wardrobe  will  be  modeled  at the
                                     Dr. Alan Barbakow          auction.                                      Aggi's

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