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                     LIVE AUCTION

        35        YOUR  OWN  LUV-BOAT,  local Doctors
                  have  prescribed  especially  for  you.   A
        cruise  for 2 along the Mexican Coast for three nights
        aboard  a  luxury liner.  Activities galore, continental
        dining,  exciting  entertainment,  comfortable  state-
         rooms,  double  rooms.  From  October  - June.  Must
         call one month in advance for reservations.
                                       Robley Evans, M.D.
                                        Roger Haring, M.D.
                                         John Lynch, M.D.
                                       Orville Weaver, M.D.
                                    Golden State Pharmacy        38       SAN  DIEGO  RESPITE  Your  party  of
                                          The Drug Comer                  four  ( 4)  will  board  Amtrak for  a  leisure-
                                        Valencia Pharmacy        ly  ride  along the coast to  fabulous  San  Diego.  You
                                                                 will  be  met at the station by a Hertz Rent a Car that
                                                                 you  may  drive  for  one  hundred  miles.  You  will
                                                                 spend two  ( 2) nigh ts  and  three ( 3) days at the  Fab-
                                                                 ulous  Inn  located  in  the  famous  Hotel  Circle.  We
                                                                 will  give  you  complimentary  tickets  to  Sea World,
                                                                 and  a  two  hour excursion  of San  Diego  Harbor.  To
                                                                 top  everything  off  you  will  receive  two  Fabulous
                                                                 Fling  discount  coupon  books  containing  dining,
                                                                 entertainment  and  recreation  discounts  in  the
                                                                 San Diego area.
                                                                                                  The Fabulous Inn
                                                                                            Air Ease Travel Agency
                                                                                        San Diego Harbor Excursion
                                                                                               Sea World-San Diego

         36       BADEN  BADEN  WAS  NEVER  THIS
                   DELIGHTFUL.      A  luxurious  Fiberglass
         Spa, top  of the line quality  in your choice of colors
         and  shapes  (round, square, or octagonal).  Approx-
         imately  7'  diameter.  Features  built  in  bench  and
         step-in  shelf  as  well  as  skimmer  and  air  blower
         system.  Accommodates  7  to  9  adults,  and  is about
         3  feet  deep.  Equipment  package and  installation
         are not included.
                                                Bob's Spas
                                              Atlantis Mfg.

         37        GALLIVANT  WITH  GOLDWATER.  Be               39        YOU'VE  COME  A  LONG  WAY  BABY.
                   your  Congressman's  special  guest  on  a              And so  has  your wife.  Remember the old
         whirlwind  tour  of  his  very  large  district.  Get  the   coal  stove?  It's  come  a  long way  too.  Now it's a
         low-down  on  the  Capitol  Capers and  how congress    computerized  microwave  oven.  This  one  will  get
          and a congressman operate.                             you  both  out  of  the kitchen  fast,  with time for  ..
                             Congressman, Barry Goldwater        .  .  whatever!  Litton  420  Memorymatic  Microwave
                                              20th District      Oven.
                                                                                        Santa Clarita National Bank
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