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             101  CHANNEL  FISHING  CRUISE.             A  six
                      hour  trip  for  three  aboard  a  60-foot
             sport  fishing  boat,  complete  with  fishing  gear,  gal-
             ley,  and  fishfinder.  Cruise  the  Santa Barbara Chan-
             nel  from  Oxnard  to  the  famous  fishing  grounds
             off  Anacapa  Island.   All  the  salmon,  bass  and
             yellowtail you catch is yours to keep.

                                                                      BMX COMPETITION
                                                                     104  MOTO  CROSS  BIKE.  This  BMX  Prod-
                                                                               ucts  motocross  bicycle  is  a  winning  per-
                                                                     former.   It's  strong  rigid  frame  and  wheels  will
                                                                     transfer  power  to  the  ground  and  scoot you out in
                                                                     front  and  keep  you  there.  It  has  heavy  duty  re-
                                                                     inforced  MX  forks  and  heavy duty rat trap  pedals.
                                                                     This  is  just  the  thing  for  you  bicyclers  who  like
                                                                                                         BMX Products

             102  A  CLEAN  SWEEP.  No  home should be
                      without  this  crumb  gobbler.  A  Douglas
             Super Power Broom,  it is  lightweight  but powerful.
             It is the ideal tool for a quick clean up and will clean
             those hard-to-reach spots.
                               A & G Vacuum, Sewing Machines
                                       & Typewriters - Newhall       105  SHORT  ON  FINGERS  &  TOES?             Do
                                                                               your  counting  on  this  Phoenix  ESR-8
                                                                     electronic  scientific  calculator.   This  miracle  of
                                                                     modern  technology  comes  complete with  recharge-
                                                                     able batteries and AC adaptor.
                                                                                                     Lynne's Premiums

             103  PRESIDENTIAL  PORTRAIT.              Ex-Pres-
                      ident  Gerald  R.  Ford  is  gone,  but  not   106  REDECORATING?  Now's  your chance.
             forgotten.  He  has  donated this 8" x  10" portrait of           $100 gift certificate to  be  applied toward
             himself  and  has  personally  autographed  it.  It  is  a   the  purchase  of  upholstering,  carpeting,  drapes,
             souvenir  that  will  appreciate  in  value  year  after   shutters, wallpaper or any  combination.  Get a head
             year.                                                   start with quality products at this unique shop.
                                       President Gerald R.  Ford                                  Draperies by Gonzales
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