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        107  BOOKWORMS  ALERT.              A  best  seller's    114      A  COLORFUL  EXPERIENCE  - Senna
                  library.  Beautiful  hard-bound  books  of              Cosmetiques.  Two  make  up  lessons  in-
         great  variety:   autobiographies,  best  sellers  and   clude  complete analysis of facial structure, life style,
         exposes,  includes  David  Frost's  new  works  and     colour  spectrum  of  person,  application  techniques.
         Nixon interviews.                                       Personal  make-up  for  the  person  plus  latest  con-
                                            Surety Savings       cepts.  Also  included  is  a  unique  portrait  painted
                            Sara Faye Wood, Vice President       with actual make-up.
                                                                                                Senna Cosmetiques

         108  ARE  YOU  READY  FOR ANEW COAT?
                   An  asphalt driveway  sealcoat.  Have  your
         driveway  sealcoated  for  longer life and better looks.
         Up  to  1000 square  feet  will  be  coated  in  the  Santa
         Clarita or the San Fernando Valley.                    115       GOT  A  YEN  FOR  CRAYONING?          A
                                     Packaged Parking, Inc.               dozen  giant  Gravette  coloring  books
                                                                1 ½  feet  wide  by  2  feet  high  with  large  illustrations
                                                                and  descriptive  information  in  large  lettering on the
                                                                                   Recreational Opportunities, Inc.
        109  LEGAL  SERVICES.             Four  hours  of
                  legal  service  in  the  area  of estate planning
        which  will  include  consultation,  advising  and  prep-
        aration  of  estate  planning  documents  such  as  wills
        or trusts.                                               116  THE  PROPHETESS  PREDICTS!  You'll
                                  R.A.  Patterson, Attorney               love  your  new  appearance  by  Cassandre
                                                                2000.  Two  haircuts  and styling (blow dry only) for
                                                                one  person.  Also,  one  conditioning  for your hair.
                                                                 You  must  make  the  appointment  two  weeks  in
        110  WILY  WILLY'S  DONE  IT  AGAIN.                                                       Cassandre 2000
                  A  gift  certificate  from  Willy's  Store  for                                     Tony Garcia
        Men.    Improve  your  image  with  Willy's  fashion-
        conscious  clothes.   Fifty  dollars  worth  of  finery.
         Fathers' Day is  almost here!
                                      Willy's Store for Men
                                                                 11 7     HOW  GREEN  IS  MY  VALLEY?  Help
                                                                          keep  the  Santa  Clarita  Valley  green  and
                                                                golden  with  this selection of native  trees and shrub-
                                                                bery.  Includes  an  oak  tree,  a  joshua,  a  yucca and
        111       CARTED  AWAY.        A  golfer's  delight.    other  succulents.   Beautiful  and  well  adapted  to
                  Fees  for  two  foursomes  at  the  Vista     the climate.
         Valencia  Golf  Course.  Plus  powered  golf  carts  to             Canyon County Formation Committee
        whisk  your parties  from  tee  to tee.  Valid weekdays
        except holidays  through  December 31,  1978.  Fore!
                                 Vista Valencia Golf Course

                                                                 118      FRAMED  BIBLE PAGE.  Authenticated,
                                                                          beautiful  Latin  Bible,  the  original  page
        112       JOHNNY  WILL  DO  IT.  $50  gift certifi-      dated  1700  A.D.  beautifully  framed.  An  unusual
                  cate  for  domestic  auto  parts:  shock  ab-  and handsome addition to your home.
        sorber,  fuel  pump,  ignition,  carburetor,  generator,                                        Philip Pass
                                            Johnny Smith
                                      Johnny's Auto Parts

                                                                 119  GOT  A  BUG  OR  A  RABBIT  OR  ANY
                                                                          OTHER  TYPE  OF  VOLKSWAGEN?
                                                                 Keep  that VW  engine  running smooth with this life-
         113      SMOKE!  Two  smoke  alarms  will  be  in-      time  oil  change  for  as  long  as  you  own  the car or
                  stalled  in  your home free of charge. These   take  out  the  value  of  this  item  in  Volkswagen  ac-
         are  the latest  in  safety devices  and  no  house should   cessories.
         be without one.                                                                Kendon Valley Volkswagen
                                Jack Webb - Liberty Alarms                                            Mike Urioste
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