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                                                                     12 7
            120  GIRL  AND  THE  YELLOW  ROSE.  A                             CONDITION  THAT  HAIR!        An  assort-
                      little girl  modeling mommy's hat and boa,              ment  of  hair-organic  products,  including
            admires herself in this captivating oil.                 shampoo,  conditioners,  thermo  styling  mist,  and
                                                Patricia Glasco      setting lotions.  This six months' supply of products
                                                                     is  used  widely  by professional beauticians  and hair-
                                                                     stylists.  The package also  contains a  hairdryer and
                                                                     curling iron.
                                                                                                    Nutress Laboratory

            121       NO  KIDDING,  ANOTHER KID!  A baby
                      goat  is  lovable  and  intelligent and  makes
            a  wonderful  pet  for  anyone.  Not  yet  born  as  of
            this  printing,  it could be a Saanen, Nubien or Alpine   128  TILE,  TILE,  TILE!!  Are  you  going  to
            breed.  Try to get our goat on this one.                          retile  that  floor  or  sink?   If so,  enjoy
                                       Mr.  & Mrs.  Gerald Heidt     this  $50.00  gift  certificate  to  be  applied  toward  a
                                                                     purchase of tile products.
                                                                                                  California Tile Center

            12 2      THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE never
                      looked  as  good  as  you, will in this authen-  12 9   HORSIE SET.  Do  you want to belong to
            tic blouse from  the wardrobe of Julie Andrews. The               an  exclusive  group?  If so,  enjoy  these
            label  has  her  name,  date  and  designer.   Impress   eight 1  hour horseback riding lessons  for one.  This
            friends  and enemies alike  if you 're  small enough to   includes  mount  and  tack and  is  western style only.
            wear it.                                                                               Janet Smith Stables
                                                     Jan Heidt

            12 3      ALL IN THE FAMILY.  An unforgettable
                      outing  for  a  family  who  plays  together.
            A  complete  tour  of  the  Newhall  Fire  Station  will
            include  lunch  with  the  firecrew  members,  topped
            with a ride on the big red firetruck.
                                        L.A. County Fire Dept.

            124  TAX  PLANNING.  Have  problems  with
                      taxes?  Need  expert advice?  Condie and
             George, local  Certified  Public Accountants, will give
             you  4  hours  of  tax  planning  to  be  used  in  one 4-
             hour  session  or  two  2-hour , sessions.  Condie  and
             George are leading tax accountants in our valley.
                                            Condie and George

            125  CAMPFIRE  COMPANION.                What's  a
                      campfire  without  hot  chocolate?  These
            two  cases  of Carnation Instant Cocoa Mix will warm
            you on a cold night.  Just add hot water and a hand-
             ful of marshmallows.
                                           Carnation Company         130  COMPACT  CONCERT.  No  need  stand-
                                                                              ing  in  long  lines  to  buy  tickets  to  con-
                                                                     certs  this summer.  You can carry the concert with
                                                                     you  with  this  portable  AM/FM  Cassette  Recorder.
                                                                     This  Superscope  Model  CR1400  will  both  record
                                                                     and  play  your  favorite  music  wherever  you  go.
            126  RUB  A  DUB  DUB!  Let North  Hills  Car                                    Kimberly and Lisa Duggan
                      Wash  keep your car clean.  20 car washes
             for  a  shiny  clean  car.  Keep  that  "Model  A"  pol-
             ished.                                                           CLOSES 8:30
                                          North Hills Car Wash
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