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         201  STAR  STUDDED  BREEDING,  FOR                      204  WHEN  EDISON  FAILS!  Then  you  will
                   YOUR  MARE.  Arabian  Stallion.  Horse                  have  your  hurricane  lamp.   30"  tall,
         breeding:   Black  Arabian  Stallion,  Khetz.   The     white  glass,  Flemish  finish  metal  base  with  hand
         glamour  of  the  world's  most  beautiful  horses,  the   painted pink wold roses.
         Arabians,  combined  with  the  mystique  of the  rare                                       Maria Escobar
         black  color!  A  grandson  of Whitey  II,  the  famous
         Arabian  stallion  liberated  by  General  Patton  in
         World  War  II.  The mare must be in good, breedable
         condition,  verified  by  veterinary  examination.
         Bullock's  Veterinary  Hospital  offer services  for  the   205  A  HAIRY DEAL  Keep your men looking
         culture and  examination to verify suitable condition             neat.  6  months of haircuts for father and
         of the  mare  is  offered  in  conjuction with  breeding   son,  or any  two people.  Skillful precision cuts. Half
         to the black Arabian stallion, Khetz.                    a year of good grooming.
                                        Saddletree Arabians                                           Harry B.  Craig
                   Harry Fedderson & James Bullock, D. V.M.                                      Hairy's Barbershop

                                                                  206  BASK  WITH  THE  BASQUES.  Have  a
                                                                           party  for  friends  or  family.  Sumptuous
                                                                  18-course  dinner,  served  at  6  o'clock  PM  on  the
                                                                  second  Sunday  of every  month.  Great atmosphere
                                                                  and  a  unique way  to celebrate that special occasion.
                                                                                                Frank & Lee Turner
                                                                                                 Newhall Bowl, Inc.

                                                                  2 0 7  TWO  CAN LIVE AS CHEAPLY AS ONE!
                                                                           RACCOONS  THAT  IS!  An  original line
                                                                  drawing  on  genuine  leather  done with  attention to
                                                                  detail  and  a  flair  for  animals.  Playful raccoons  are
                                                                  well set off by an oaken frame.
                                                                                            Arthur S. Miller Mfg.  Co.

                                                                  2 08     MAG  WHEELS.  These  Mag  Wheels  will
                                                                           give  your car the look of a  champ.  Made
                                                                  of one-piece precision  cast aluminum,  they fit  both
                                                                  drum  and  disc  brakes.   Applicable  for  use  with
                                                                  Radial  tires,  they  are  universal  for  Ford, G.M.  and
                                                                  Chrysler products.
         2 0 2  STUDY  THIS  "MUG  SHOT"  CARE-                                                   J.  & J.  Tire Center
                   FULLY!     The  U.S.  House of Represent-
         atives  Seal  is  a  dead  give-away.  A  distinctive dona-
         tion  from  U.S.  Congressman  Barry  Goldwater,  Jr.
         Big  enough  for  a  large  drink  of  Kool-aid,  an  ice
         bucket,  a  flower  pot,  a  vase  or  self  protection  in   209  HEY  GANG,  LET'S  GO  ON  A  HAY-
         case of a mugging or do your own mugging.                          RIDE!!  Hay,  straw  and  the  intoxicating.
                        Congressman Barry M.  Goldwater, Jr.      smell  of  an  evening  in  the  Santa  Clarita  Valley.
                                                                  Take  friends  or  give  your teenager this  hayride for
                                                                  25  people.  Back  to  the  days  of real  horse  power
                                                                  with an experienced driver at the reins.
                                                                                           Rancho San Francisquito
         203  CITY  SLICKERS  AND  HAYSEEDS                                                         Denzel Cameron
                   will  agree.  Boys and  girls  ages  5  through
          12 will experience the rural environment of a unique
         pre-school summer day  camp which includes a barn,
          farm  animals,  fruit  orchards and gardens.  The camp
          porvides  fun,  friendship  and  a  variety  of  activities   210  YOU  MAY  HA VE  A  BIT OF TROUBLE
          including  camp  cookery,  tennis  and  swimming                 GETTING  OFF  YOUR  HIGH  HORSE!
          lessons,  horseback  riding,  woodworking,  home-       Ten  one-hour,  semi-private  riding  lessons  for  two
         making,  animal  husbandry  and  much  more.  This       persons.  English  or Western  style riding  two  times
         item is  the first  session,  two days a  week  - Tuesday   a  week  for  five  weeks.   Mount,  tack  and  happy
         and  Thursday, June  19 to July  7;  four weeks  dura-   landings provided.
         tion.  Great experience for your youngster.                                            Don-E-Brook Farms
                              Town & Country Farm School                                               Steve Cochet
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