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                                                                      215  DECORATE  YOUR  WINE  CELLAR,
                                                                               Home,  or  what  have  you?  3  charming
                                                                      portraits,  fetchingly  mounted  on  wooden  grape
                                                                      trays, will grace your home.
                                                                                                  Deveney Shell Station
                                                                                                          Ron Deveney

                                                                      216  STOP  THE  POPULATION EXPLOSION.
             211       SCULPTURED  WOODEN  WINE  RACK                          One  spay-hysterectomy  on  a  small  or
                       COMPLETE  WITH  12  BOTTLES  OF                medium  size  dog  or  cat  complete  with all  vaccina-
             PREMIUM  WINES.       Entertain  your  friends  with     tions.   Keep  the  pet  population  under  control.
             Assumption  Abbey  Pinot  Chardonnay,  Emerald                                   Newhall-Saugus Pet Clinic
              Riesling,  Vin  Rose  and  Cabernet  Sauvignon,  the                                     Dr.  Richard Kost
             most  sought  after wines.  All  this  from  California's
             oldest  continuously  operated  business.   Also  in-
             cluded  "The  Wine  Drinker's  Journal"  the  perfect
             way to remember those great wines.
                                              Brookside Winery        21 7     SHIPBOARD  ROMANCE.          A  romantic
                                                      Van Nuys                 overnight  on  board  the  Queen  Mary.
                                                                      Dream  of the  rich,  the  famous  and  the rulers who
                                                                      made  the trans-Atlantic voyages  on board the Great
                                                                      Lady will fill your night.  Walk the Promenade - dine
                                                                      in  the  great  salon  - tour  the  Cousteau  Museum.
                                                                      You '11  enjoy  2  days,  an  elegant stateroom overnight
             212  CORPORATION?              A  respected  local       and 2 tour tickets on the Queen.
                       law  firm  will  perform  all  services  nec-
             essary  to  form  a  General  Business  Corporation for                            Queen Mary Hyatt Hotel
                                                                                                      Queen Mary Tour
             a  business  having  no  more  than  ten  stockholders.
              These  services  include  drafting  the  Articles  of  In-
             corporation,. By-laws  and  the  Minutes  of the  first
             meeting.  Stock  will  be issued  under the California
             Close  Corporation  exemption  law  (Corporations
             Code,  Sec.  25102h).  Purchaser will have to pay the
             applicable taxes,  filing  fees  and costs of corporation
             Minute  Book, Seal and  Stock certificates  -- approx-
             imately $355.00.
                                          Lowder, Hon & White
                                                  Attys. at Law

             213  THE  TWENTIES  REVISITED.              Here's
                       your  chance  to  get  a  Lewis  lcart  print
             and  framing demonstration.  The artist was  famous
             in  the  1920's.  This print will  be  custom framed by
             "The  Wallnut".  Also  in  your  home,  an  exclusive
             design  consultation  and  demonstration  for  your-
             self and  a ·group  of friends  on all  aspects of custom
             framing  graphic  art, needle art, and one free framing
             of your own graphic art or photo  up  to  16" x  20".
                                            The W allnut Gallery
                                                 Gloria Aulbach

                                                                      218  IT'S  AN  OPEN  AND  SHUT  CASE.
              214  QUEEN  FOR  A  DAY  - OR  YEARS!                            Window  shutters 1 ¼" - up to  2½" blades
                       Make your bed in  a  royal fashion with an     are  custom  made  to  fit  up  to  a  5'  x  5'  opening
              alberbello  bedspread  and  pillow sham.  Hand  made    (window  or  door).  Design  Showcase manufactures
              in  Italy  ... Queen size  ... Dark blue, light blue &   their  own  products.  Made  of  sugar  pine,  custom
              white.                                                  stained  or  any  color  paint  to  match  your  decor.
                                               Carol Mccutchan        Opening is  completely  framed  of the same material.
                                                                                                       Design Showcase
                                                                                                          Julie Twedell
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