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                             THE LIVE AUCTION                          listed  in  this  catalogue.  Additional  items  will  be  added  to
           1.  The live  auction will begin at 9 :00 pm and will run to approxi-  group  10  and  will  be  listed  in  the  addendum,  published  just
             mately  11 :00  pm.  It  will  consist  of the  voice  auctioning of   before the auction.
             Items  1  through  50  in  the  order  they  appear in this catalogue   2.  Each  item  can  be located  acording  to  its  group  number.  Bids
             and in the addendum.                                      will  be  accepted  on  each  item  until  the  board  closes.  The
           2.  All  bidding  at  the  auction  will  require  a  bid  number.  Your   following are the closing times:
             personal  bid  number  is  located  on the back  of your catalogue   Group  1   Items  101-130   Closes  8:30
             along with your registration certificate and scrip.  Fill out your   Group  2   Items  201-230   Closes  8:50
             registration  card  in  advance  to  avoid  congestion  at  the  en-  Group  3   Items  301-330   Closes  9:10
             trance  on  the  auction  evening.  A  bid  card  is  required  for  all   Group  4   Items  401-430   Closes  9 :30
             bidding  and  purchasing  of  items.  Please  save  your  number   Group  5   Items  501-530   Closes  9: 50
             and keep your bid card with you at the auction.             Group  6      Items  601-630      Closes 10:10
           3.  During  the  live  auction,  when  you  want  to  bid  on  an  item,   Group  7   Items  701-730   Closes 10:30
             wave  your  porn-porn  or  bid  card  as  frantically  as  possible to   Group  8   Items  801-830   Closes 10:50
             attract  the  auctioneer's  or spotter's  attention.  If you  win  an   Group  9   Items  901-930   Closes  11:10
             item,  immediately  announce  your  bid  number  to  the  auc-  Group 10   Items 1001 & up    Closes 11 :30
             tioneer or spotter and remain in your seat.             3.  All  items  in  the  silent  auction  have  bid  sheets  attached  or
           4.  A  "runner"  will  bring  a  sales  slip  directly  to  you,  indicating   affixed  nearby.  Persons  desiring  to bid  must  do  so  by  legibly
             the prize  you  have purchased and the amount of your winning   writing  their  name,  bid  card  number,  and  the amount of the
             bid.  After signing this slip, you are free  to proceed to the cash   bid  on  the  bid  sheet.  Any bid without a bid card number will
             tables  to  pay  for  your  item  and  pick  up  your prize.  If you   be  automatically  disqualified.  At  the  time  of the  closing  of
             wish, you may wait until the end of the evening and pay for all   the  particular  group  of silent auction items, there may be held
             your purchases at one time at the cash table.              a  mini-live  auction  in  the event  that  two  or  more  presons  are
           5.  All  prices  are  subject  to  the  6%  California sales tax which will   bidding on an item, see below.
             be added to the amount of your purchase.                4.  Each  bid  sheet  notes  a  minimum  value  by  which  the existing
           6.  You  will  note  that  on  the  back  of your  catalogue  there  is   bid  must  be  increased  in  order to constitute a  higher valid bid.
             $10.00  worth  of scrip.  This  scrip  may  be  used  by  you  as  a   Each  new  bid  must  be  written  on  the  uppermost  blank  line
             credit  to  the  purchase  of  any  item  that  you  may  buy.  The   available on the bid sheet.
             scrip  may  not  be accumulated to pay the entire purchase price   5.  All  bids  must  be  in  even  dollar  amounts  (no  cents).  Any  bid
             of  any  given  item.  It  may  be  used  only  by  you.  It  may  be   which  includes  cents  ( other  than  $.00) will  be  automatically
             used  as  a  credit  on either  the  live  or the silent  auction.  Scrip   disqualified.
             will  not be accepted for either drink or raffle tickets.   6.  The  bid  boards  will  be  closed  approximately  at  the  times
                                                                        stated  here  in  the catalogue.  However, the official closing will
                        AUCTION GOURMET DINNER                          be  that  time  when  the  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  Official  actually
           This  year  the  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  is  proud  to  present  a  pre-  removes the bid sheet from the board.
           auction  gourmet  dinner  for  $100.00  per couple  for  the  first  100   7.  In  the  event  that bidding  is  still  in  progress  when the Boys' &
           couples  who  purchase  tickets.  The  tickets  will  be  sold  on a  first   Girls'  Club  Official  attempts  to  close  the  board,  the  Official
           come,  first  serve  basis.   Dinner  guests  must  also  purchase  an   shall  conduct  a  mini -live  auction  on  the  spot  allowing  all
           auction  catalogue.   The  purchasers  of  tickets  will  be  allowed   persons  wishing  to  bid  to  do  so  and  shall  determine  the  win-
           to  enter  the  dining  room  at  CalArts  at  5 :00  pm  on  the  day   ning bidder, subject to rule 8  below.
           of the  auction.  Dinner  will  begin  promptly at 5 : 30 pm. Compli-  8. After the bid board is  closed, the bid sheet will be taken to the
           mentary  wine  will  be  served  to  all  dinner  guests  and  they  shall   item  verification  table.  At  this  time,  the  validity  of all  bids
           also be entitled  to reserved seats at the auction.          will  be  verified  (bid  number,  even  dollar  bids,  minimum
                                                                        increase,  etc.).   The  highest  valid  bid  will  be  declared  the
                              GENERAL RULES                             winner  and  the  decision  of  the  Operations  Official  will  be
           1.  The  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  requires  that all  prizes  be  paid  for in   final.  Shortly  after  the  board  is  closed,  an  Official  shall  post
              full  at  the  auction.  Payment  may  be  made  by  cash, check,   the bid number of the winning bidder on the board.
              BankAmericard, VISA, or Master Charge.
           2.  Unless  otherwise  specified,  all  auction  items and services must
              be used within one year from June 11, 1978.  Unless otherwise      Another   ADDED ATTRACTION
              specified  or  stated  by  the  donor,  all  items  are  transferrable   will  be  the  publication of a  "mini-logue" which  will
              from the winner to another person.                          be  given  to  all  auction  guests  on  the  night  of  the
           3.  According  to  the  Internal  Revenue Service,  only  the  amount   auction.  It  will  contain less expensive items that will
              paid  for  an  auction  prize "in excess of the actual cash value of   be  sold  at a  "guess the correct price" format.  Details
              that  prize"  is  tax  deductible.   A  written  receipt  indicating   will  be  given in the mini-logue.
              such  an  amount,  for  tax  purposes, will  be  issued  to  you  after
              the auction at your request.
           4.  All  sales  are  final.   However,  the  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  will   ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS
              refund  the  full  purchase  price  of  any  item  where  there  is  a   This  catalogue contains  only  those  items  available  at  the  time of
              failure  of performance either on  the part of the Boys' & Girls'   publication.  A  special  addendum,  to  be  published  and  given  to
              Club or on the part of the donor.                      each  guest  at  the  auction,  will  list  an  additional  group  of  bid
           5.  All  winning  bidders are  to  report  to  the cashier's  table to pay   board  items.   The  addendum  will  also  list  all  corrections  and
              for the items and to claim their prizes.  Any bidder not making   deletions necessary for any item published in this catalogue.
              arrangements  for  payment  at  the  cashier's  table  by 12: 30 am,
              may,  at  the  discretion  of  the  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club,  forfeit  his
              right  to  purchase  the  item  and  it  will be made available to the   BANKAMERICARD AND MASTER CHARGE ACCEPTED
              next highest bidder.                                   Master  Charge,  VISA,  BankAmericard  cards  will  be  accepted  at
           6.  All  items should be removed from the premises on the night of   the  auction  for  all  expenses  and  purchases,  including admission
              the  auction.  In  the  event  you  cannot  remove  your purchases   catalogues,  bar  and  raffle  tickets,  and  for  the  purchasing  of all
              that evening,  then  you  must do so between 12 noon and 5 pm   auction  prizes.  The  Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  is  indebted  to Security
              on  Sunday, June  11, 1978.  If you wish to do otherwise, prior   Pacific  National  Bank,  Newhall  Branch  and  to  Bank  of America,
              arrangements  must  be  made  by  either  the  purchaser  or  the   Newhall Branch, for providing this special service to us.

                        THE SILENT AUCTION RULES                                                                       .
            1.  The  silent  auction  will  begin  at  7 :30  pm  and  will  consist  of
              written  bidding  on approximately 300 items posted on the bid
              boards  along  the  walls.  Nine  groups  of  bid  board  items are
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