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6         CABIN  FEVER.       The  Pine  Mountain
                                                                         Club  is  a  private  recreation area of 3000
                                 THE                           acres just 58 miles  from  the Santa Clarita Valley  at
                                                               the  6000'  elevation.   Family  recreation  includes
                     LIVE  AUCTION                             tennis,  swimming,  3-par  golf,  horseback  riding and
                                                               hiking.  You  will  stay  in  a  new  two-story  cabin,
                                                               with  three  bedrooms, a  fireplace, and massive porch
                                                               hanging  into  the  tree  tops.  Sleeps  8  comfortably.
                                                               One  week  at  a  time  convenient  to  both  parties.
                                                                                           Sharon and Lou Reiter
                                                                7        WARD  OFF THE DEPRESSION.  There's
                                                                         enough salami here to last the decade.  An
                                                                8-foot long, jumbo, Italian  Salami. Delicious eating!
                                                                                                    Bob Edmunds

        1        THIS  LI'ITLE  PIGGY  WENT  TO  AUC-
                 TION.  You'll  go  hog wild  over this  225
        pound  porker.   As  you  admire  this  sow,  think--
        Barbecued  Spareribs,  Juicy  Chops  and  maybe
        Chitlins.  You '11  be  "bringing  home  the  bacon"
        on this one!  Can be  purchased  "live" or in freezer-
        ready packages.
                                Greg Ross & Linda Mueller
        2        TOP  THIS  TOPLESS  OFFERING.          A
                 stag  party  cake.  The  Executive  at  the
        Boys'  &  Girls'  Club  will  provide  a  man  or woman
        to  jump  topless  from  a  huge  cake  at  your  social
        gathering.  Spice up that dull board meeting with an
        eye filling girl or guy.

        3        DEAR  HUNTERS.  How would you like
                 to  improve  your  aim  with  this  fabulous
        Model  870  Remmington  12  gauge  field  grade shot
                                       Oak Tree Gun Club
                                              Boge Mercer
       4         HOB-NOB  WITH  THE  STARS.  Enjoy
                  V.I.P.  status  among  the  stars  at the  Uni-  8     SAILING,  SAILING.  Go  sailing  by  the
        versal  Studios.   A  special  tour  for  four  persons          Light  of  the  Silvery  Moon  upon  Moon-
        through  this  fantastic  movie  studio.  Not  the  usual   light  Bay  in  this  14  foor  Sunfish  yellow  sailboat.
        commercial tour, V.I.P. tours are reserved for heads-  This  Sunfish is used but in excellent condition.  You
        of-state and celebrities. You'll have your own special   will  enjoy many hours of sailing upon  Lake  Castaic
        guide  and  special vehicle.  Get a view of behind-the-  or anywhere else you choose.
        scenes  action.  See  live  filming on the sound stages.   Mr.  & Mrs.  Charles Montante
        Be  on  the watch for your favorite  movie  personali-
        ties  as  you  lunch  in  the  private  commissary.  No   9      LEAVE  THE  DRIVING  TO  US!  A  lux-
        children under 12.                                               ury  motorcoach  trip  to  Tahoe  and  back
                                         Universal Studios      for two persons, three nights at Lake Tahoe Inn.  All
                                                                twin-bedded  rooms.  Motorcoach  tour  of  Virginia
                                                                City  and  Carson  City.  Tour  Director's Cocktail &
                                                                Dinner  Party.  Baggage  handling,  all  taxes and gra-
                                                                tuities are included.  Fully escorted.
                                                                                                    Home Savings
                                                                                                     Robert Galea
                                                               10         NO  WOOLY  MAMMOTH  THIS  ONE!
                                                                          Instead,  five  week  days  of  fresh  moun-
                                                                tain air,  summer or winter, ski or sun bathe.  Mam-
        5         ROPE  IT  IN.     Become  a  performing       moth  Condominium,  sleeps  6,  fully  furnished,
                  protege  of  world  famous  trick  roper,     linens included.  Enjoy the pool, sauna and jacuzzi.
        Montie  Montana.  Montie  will  give  you  a  private   Maid  service  provided  after  your  5-day  stay.  No
        lesson,  demonstrating  his  hemp-hurling  skills  and   holidays.  Please  give  one  month's  notice.  Use  be-
        sleight of hand. A must for any serious cowpuncher.     fore June 1, 1979.
                                          Montie Montana                                   Dr. and Mrs.· Allan Fine
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