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                                                                           LIVE AUCTION

                                                                     14        ON  THE  ROAD  TO  SHANGHAI  AND
                                                                               POINTS  NORTH.  There's  more  to  Chi-
                                                                     nese  food  than  rice · and  egg  rolls.   Dinner  for
                                                                     ten  at  the  China  Palace  Restaurant.  Try  a  few
             11        PALATIAL  PATIO.  Now  you  can  have         dishes  from  the menu and  some  rare delicacies that
                       that patio you have been saving for.  New-    are  not  on  the  menu,  prepared  by  experienced
             hall  Ready-Mix will  deliver enough cement for a 10'   chefs.  Gourmet dining at its  finest.  Two  bottles of
             x  15'  x  4"  patio  slab  to  your  home.  Charles  R.   wine and 5 - 7 days notice is required.
             Willette,  General  Contractor,  will  form  and  finish                           China Palace Restaurant
             the  cement.  (Patio  must  be  within  100' of an  area
             accessible  to  a  cement  truck.)  Charles  R.  Willette         Bottoms     UP!   Celebrate  the  Auction
             will  grade  the patio.  Price does not include hauling   15      tonight with the grandest bottle of French
             material from the site.  If it is necessary to pump the   wine:  a  genuine  "Methuselah" of champagne!  This
             cement  into  the  patio  area,  buyer  must  rent  the   24  inch  tall  bottle contains  over seven fifths of Cor-
             cement pump.  Anawalt  Lumber Company will sup-         don-Rouge  "Brut"  champagne,  produced  by  G.  H.
             ply  the  material for  a 12' x  16' patio cover, delivery   Mumm  &  Company,  one  of the  finest  champagne
             not  included.  Charles  R.  Willette,  Contractor, will   houses  in  the  world.  Normally  unavailable  in this
             install the patio.  Buyer must pay the cost of build-   country, this  bottle has  been  flown  in from France.
             ing permit.                                             It's  chilled  tonight  to  drink  at  the  Auction  - if
                                  National Ready-Mix Company         you've got the class and the money.
                          Charles R.  Willette, General Contractor                                     Dr. XX Newhall
                          Anawalt Lumber & Material Company
                                                                     16        CAPITOL  INVESTMENT.  One adult and
                                                                               one  student  will  fly  to  Sacramento  for  a
                                                                     day  with  Assemblyman  Bob  Cline.  The  Assembly-
                                                                     man  will  show  you  the  workings  of state  govern-
                                                                     ment  on  a  personal  tour  and  you  can  watch  the
                                                                     legislature  if it's in session.  Your excursion includes
                                                                     air transportation, lunch and a fine dinner.
                                                                                               Assemblyman Bob Cline

             12        A  PERFECT SNOW JOB.  For your next
                       jaunt  to  the  Arctic  - or  just  a  romp  at
             Mt.  Pinos.  This  one's  for  the  Byrds  (Admiral, that
             is).  Tough,  well  engineered  engine,  Mukuni  slide
             valve  carburetors,  high  voltage  magneto  ignition
             system.  Hydraulic  disc  brakes  and  Steel  skis with
             extra  long  skags.  This  snowmobile  is  a  must  to
             accompany that mountain retreat.
                                            Hydraulic Research
                                                                     17        A  UNIQUE  AND  BEAUTIFUL  PEND-
                                                                               ANT  OF  FINE  JEWELRY  consisting  of
                                                                     a  fresh  water pearl, wrapped in brightly polished, 14
                                                                     karat  yellow  free  formed  gold,  accented  by  18
                                                                     points  of  fine  quality, full  cut, matched .diamonds.
                                                                     Complete with 14 K gold rope chain.
                                                                                           Valencia Jewelers - Mr.  Dunn
                                                                    18         CROSS  UNDER  THE  BRIDGE,  cross
                                                                               under  the  bridge,  leave  your  worries  be-
                                                                     hind  you,  cross  under  the  bridge  in  a  Play-Mate
                                                                     Houseboat.  Cruise  Lake  Shasta  in  luxury  for  one
             13        SKI  NUTS,  you'll love  getting bound up     week.  Take  a  mob of ten  with you.  Each  boat is
                       in  these  bindings.  One  pair of Rexel Skis   completely  equipped  with  everything  but  food,
             and  one pair of Look  G.  T. Bindings.  This fabulous   cards and dice.
             auction item includes custom fitting.                                        Bridge Bay Resort and Marina
                                         Valley Sporting Goods                                      Redding, California
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