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THE                      SIGNAL

                                                          May  22,  1984

                               Rudy  Busto
                               Peabody  Museum
                               Harvard  University
                                11  Divinity  Avenue
                                Cambridge,  MA  02138

                               Dear  Rudy:

                                      I  would  like  to  thank  you  sincerely  for  the
                                invaluable  help  you  gave  me  when  I  visited  the  Peabody
                               Museum  two  weeks  ago  in  search  of  information  about
                                Bowers  Cave.  The  information  that  I  was  able  to  collect
                                from  the  files  has  already  been  extremely  helpful  in
                                answering  a .number  of  questions  about  the  discovery  of
                                the  cave  and  the  artifacts.
                                     Under  a  separate  letter  I  am  ordering  some  prints
                                of  the  negatives  you  showed  me  from  Ms.  Linton  Watts
                                in  the  photo  archives  department.  After  doing  some _
                                final  research,  I  plan  to  do  a  feature  story  soon  on
                                this  local  Indian  cave.  I  plan  to  visit  the  Bowers
                               Museum  in  Santa  Ana,  California,  this  weekend  to  see
                                the  exhibit  of  the  artifacts  which  have  been  loaned
                                from  the  Peabody  Museum.

                                      I  would  like  to  ask  a  favor  if you  might  have
                                some  spare  time  in  the  near  future  to  help  solve  a
                               mystery:  to  locate  the  missing  sunstick.  Originally,
                                there  were  four  sunsticks  (stone  clubs)  which  were
                                sold  to  the  Peabody  Museum  in  the  last  century.  When
                                I  visited  the  Peabody  Museum  in  September,  1979,  I
                                saw  two  of  them  in  the  display  case:  #39261  and  #39264.
                                I  was  told  at  that  time  that  one  had  been  traded  to  a
                                museum  in  Australia  and  that  the  fourth  one  had  been
                                lost.  When  Robert  Heizer  studied  these  artifacts  in
                                1963,  he  mentioned  a  third  sunstick,  #39262.     I  presume
                                the  missing  one  is  #39263.  You  showed  me  a  negative
                               which  pictured  all  four  sunsticks  at  once  and  you  said

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