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P. 10

Just  beyond  the  thin  glass  windshield  lies  the  future,  which
                                                       is  a  land  that  is  uncharted  and  unsure.  Although  your  life
                                                       has  already  been  significantly  changed            by  your  past

                                                       experiences,  both  in  high  school  and  before,  there  will  be
                                                       many  more  opportunities  soon  available  to  you.            Taking
                                                       advantage  of these  opportunities  will  become  an  extension
                                                       of  your  personality,  just  as  challenges  and  prosperity  have
                                                       reflected  the  conscious  and  unconscious  decisions  that  you
                                                       have  made  in  your  past.       Sooner  rather  than  later,  your
                                                       life  will  change  in  irreversible  ways,  and  the  car  that  you
                                                       were  so  accustomed  to  driving  will  be  traded  in  for  a
                                                       minivan  or  an  SUV  in  order  to  contain  the  vast  amount
                                                       of  memories  you  have  dealt  with  in  your  life.  These·
                                                       reminiscences  of  times  that  were  easier  will  never  leave;

                                                       however,  the  truth  of  the  matter  is  that  your  life  will
                                                       constantly  be  speeding  along  on  the  highway  of experience,
                                                       forever  leaving  memories  of  ten years from yesterday
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