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Getcha'  Grub  On.   From  in-n-out  to  El  Pollo
                                                         Loco,  Valencia  was  the  first  campus  in   the
                                                         William  S.  Hart  Union  School  District  to  offer  a
                                                         vast  variety  of  fast  food  options.
                                                         Reading  Is  Fundamental.   When   Valencia's
                                                         doors  first  opened,  the  number  of  books  that
                                                         filled  its shelves  were  scarce,  but  now  ten  years
                                                         later,  15,436  books  are  available  for  check  out

                                                                                             KevinWoods eats a slice of PrimoiPizza as t.,1arVbettl McCormick,  a
                                                                                             Hart schools open campus food

                                                                                                Primo   all

                                      Gym  Closed  for  Repairs.   The   now  common
                                      bleachers  that  fill  our  large  gym  were  not  always
                                      there,  but  by  Valencia's  second  year,   as  the
                                      population  and  sport  teams  grew,  the  bleachers
                                      were  built  and  finished.
                                                                            Happy  Halloween.  Valencia's  first  dress  up
                                                                            spirit  day  was  Halloween  1997  as  two  students
                                                                            from  Valencia's  first  graduating  class  give  the  ever
                                                                            so  trendy  peace  sign.

                                                                                                                 By Kim  Irwin
                                                                                                                 Daily News Staff Writer
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