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                    1. Senior Kylie Young and her friends get ready to attend the CMA Music Festival in Nashville,
                Tennessee.  2. Senior Alexandra Spooner meets up with other Valencia friends during her trip to
                Maui, Hawaii.  3. Senior Katya Ortiz helps with the children at an orphanage for disabled children
                   during a week long mission trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  4. Senior Caitlin Gibson backpacks
                     through the volcanos during her 10-day trip to Guatemala.  5. Senior Nicole Delange camps
                   out in Catalina  for three
                    fun filled days with her
                friends. 6. Senior Gabriella
                 Gan  zip lines through the
                rainforests in Puerta Vallata,
               Mexico  7. Senior Elizabeth
                    Sears takes a three day
                carnival cruise to Ensanada,
                Mexico with her family and
                 friends.  8. Senior Colleen
                  Hart having a good time
                 with friends she met from
                  across the country during
                a Lead America Conference
                     specializing in forensic

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