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How did you feel about President
                                    How did you feel about the                                  Obama's first year in office?
                                  Saints winning the Super Bowl?                                "Obama's first year in office was ground
                                    "I feel that this was an amazing win for                  breaking and memorable. He was the first
                                   the saints because it was their first time                   black president in United States history.
                                   in the Super Bowl. I feel that the city of                Politically he promises new changes for the
                                    New Orleans benefited from this win."                                    future of America."
                                            --Freshmen Luke Rivello                                  --Sophomore Ryan Woodward

      How did you feel about the                                  What did you feel about the
        mudslides in California?                                     earthquake in Haiti?
         "The mudslides in southern                                "I think that it was a devastating
                                                                     event in our history. One day
    California destroyed many homes.
                                                                  soon we are going to have a huge
       Thank the Lord that this event
                                                                   earthquake and we are going to
     did not happen in Santa Clarita."                                     need help from Haiti."
        --Sophomore Connor Chace                                        --Junior Regina Andrade
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