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1. During the 2009 winter rally Senior Kelly Hicks helps senior Thomas Lapp hold up a sign asking
                Alexandra Chernos to formal.  2. The dance team shows the school a little taste of what they are
              about with their award winning dance routine.  3. A mystery student entertains the crowd with his
             dance moves in his imitation of the Jabbowockes.  4. Vick the Viking pumps up the crowd as usual
               with his flawless spirit moves.  5. Football and Dance team work together creating a dance routine
                 that not only amazed the
              crowd but shows the school
                 that the football team has
                 some rhythm too.  6. Flag
               team performs an amazing
                routine dazzling the crowd
                during the black light rally.
                  7. In the step team's first
                  performance of the year
              Freshman Ashley Oliver and
                  senior Alexander Dailey
             plays the part of commanders
                     leading the step team
                through the battlefield.  8.
             Varsity Football huddles up in
              a victory circle ready to  have
                       an amazing season.


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