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First, a word about copyright law.

In the United States, any work (such as a photo postcard or a book) that was published before Jan. 1, 1923, is not now and cannot in the future become copyrighted. Also, any work that was created but not published prior to Jan. 1, 1978 (such as a photograph or original manuscript) is not now and cannot in the future become copyrighted. HOWEVER, the physical representation of a copyright-free work is copyrighted, if that representation was published after Jan. 1, 1978. What does this mean to you? It means that in the case of a reprint, the reprint itself may be copyrighted even if the underlying work is copyright-free. For example, an 1884 copy of Helen Hunt Jackson's book, "Ramona," is copyright-free, but a 1946 reprint might be copyrighted. An original print of the 1917 John Ford film, "Straight Shooting," with Harry Carey, is copyright-free, but the VHS copy you buy at the video store is copyrighted. In the case of this and any other website, what you are physically viewing — the digital file itself — is copyrighted upon creation, even though the underlying photograph or text might be copyright-free. (Obviously the digital file was created and published after 1923 and, for that matter, after 1978.) And "published" means in any form — book, newspaper, film, video, digital, online and any other format you can imagine — and some you can't imagine because they haven't yet been invented. Once it appears on a website, it's "published." Note, too, that all government documents in the United States are copyright-free, regardless of their date, but our digital representation of them is copyrighted. For additional details about U.S. copyright law, click here.

Now then...

Photographs and stories on this website are intended for public viewing. Permission to reproduce photos and text for nonprofit/educational use is typically granted upon request. (Yes, it is necessary to ask permission. Different rules apply to different material.)

NONPROFITS: If you wish to republish photographs or text, either online or off-line, please (1) complete the form below and, if/when permission is granted, (2) e-mail the URL of your completed publication (if online), or mail two copies (if offline) to:

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FOR-PROFIT: In addition to all of the above (for nonprofits), corporations and other for-profit entities must complete the form below and await permission. Fees may apply. Reasonable requests for fee waivers will be considered upon request. Certain images on are not available for for-profit use at any price. In the case of images on that are also in the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society collection, SCVTV (the owner of requires usage fees (royalties) to be paid to the SCV Historical Society as determined by the Society.

Note: Some material found at this site appears by permission of other publishers. We cannot give permission to reproduce such material.


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