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                                   A TRUCKER'S JOURNEY

                                      OVER CALIFORNIA'S

                                INFAMOUS RIDGE  ROUTE

                                               Story and photos by

                                           HARRISON  IRVING  SCOTT

                                       Editor's note: The following is a dramatized account of

                                       what a trip might have been  like for a trucker in the early
                                        1920s over the  Ridge  Route,  California's first mountain

                                       highway. Author Harrison Scott used excerpts and

                                       photos from  his book,  "Ridge Route,  The  Road  That
                                    ·  United California,"  to tell this tale.  Scott was one of the

                                       speakers at the  2004 ATHS  National Convention and

                                       Antique Truck Show in  Fontana,  Calif., this past May.
                                       To  order the book,  contact the author at 310-320-3205,
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