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Friendship is .  .  .

         Friendship is the sun shining through the trees,

        forming patterns un~erneath -

             sunshine off amiliar faces everywhere you go;

             sunshine of a frief!,dly ''hi" when you are

         hurrying to class;                                                  .

             sunshine of many friends with many things in common ..

         Friendship is dandelions, yellow and white, changing and

         spreading, covering fields with white fluff-

             dandelions when a new friend is made;

             dandelions when friendship changes and

         becomes lighter and freer.

        · Friendship is a summer rain, clearing the air, .

         freshening the trees and grass, falling firmly and softly -

              rain when friendship runs deep, steady,

         and true, lasting forever.

         Friendship is the sky when the storm clouds

         separate· to reveal a glorious blue -

             the sky when misunderstandings clear up

         and the friendship is strengthened to form a

         stronger. bond.

         Friendship is an explosion, bright and powerful-

              an explosion of strength, an explosion of

         life.                     0

                                                                               - Jean Dickinson

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