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los ~ngtles ~imes                          Office  and  Phone  Number,
                                                                                                   un  trSbl111,  N. H1I  '°'
                       DEVOTED  TO
                     COMMUNITY  NEWS      San  Fernando  Valley  Section
           VOL.  LXXVII                            SUNDAY  MORNING,  SEPTEMBER  14,  1958
           William  S.  Hart  Park  Opening  Set

                                                     Rites to Dedicate Ranch
                                                     of First Cowboy Film Star
                                                   A living memorial to  the nation'.  first co11boy movie
                                                  star, William S. Hart, ll'ill be opened to the public Sat-
                                                 ,  urday morning in  ewhall, thus unl'eillni: for a new gen-
                                                   eration a part of filmdom'  most  picturesque history.
                                                 \   The  opening  or  thP  1:!0-1   .   .
                                                  ,acre  \\'illiam  S.  Hart  Park  Harts  ar t  mastcrp1cces,
                                                  !at  24Jj!  :-;  San  Fernando 11estcm  lorP.  mo\"le  para-
                                                  lRaad  fulfills  one  or  the  la  I r~~c~;:~~~ 0~ ;cr~:;t i :;~
                                                  wishes  or  the  stern  t·oi,bo)  11ere  bt>qucathed  to Los An-
                                                  who  l,dlloped  acro,·  the  st- gcles  County  at  his  clca1h )
                                                  lent  screen  between  l:JH  in  l!H6  at  thP  R!!C  of  71
                                                  and  1n:10.   I The opening, howel"er.
                                                                ~~~ ~;;'l'~:!1~;r~tt:~~~s"!i
                                                     Admiring  Public
                                                  l Hart  knew  that  he  owed  \\'illtam  s. lldll  Jr. to break
                                                  his  fame  and  \\Callh  to  an  his  fath1•r·s  will.
                                                  admmng  public  and  hl'-1  ,
                                                  Jic,cd  1hat  upon  his  dralh.  Tnbul•  lo  Harl,  County
                                                  his  earthly' trrasurrs  shoulrl   Superl"isot·  Dorn,  who will
                                                  hP  returned  to  the  pcoplr  he  one of  the  mam  speakers
                                                  ;~;1e~:icth~h~~o~~~ibi'~: l~~,?~al /~ic~:~nnr ;:~t~·~:);j I
           STILL KING-King  Volentine is still  olive. At 39  he  is content to posture on the   eluding  the  fabulous  hillto(Jlranch  ··R  tribUI<'  not only  to j
           rolling  hills,  glancing  up  occosionolly  ot  the  ranch  hands  and  caretakers  os-  ranch  home,  smallei·  ranch  the  character  of  William  ·.
           signed  to  the  East  Newholl  ranch.  There  ore six  of  Hort's  horses  on  the  ranch,   I  i ldings,  stable  areas,  Hart  anrl  10  his  !K-rccn  ca-
                                  llll;i/!"I••---.--.-.. •_ •_! •----  ~~·~ ~r1~~ fil~ t~~d~::~r
                                 :i                             which  helped  to  make  Los
                                                                Angeles County prosper."
                                                                Taking part  \lith  Dorn  inl  HARD-BITTEN  COWBOY-Williom  S.  Hort,  a  doshing  hero  who  toleralcd  no
                                                                the dedication  will  be  Fran•   evil and gove  no quarter to the  villains  of thot day,  soves the heroine, Jone  No•
                                                                Please Turn  to Pg. II, Col.  t   vak, from  destruct,an.  Hort galloped silently across the screen on King Volent,ne.


           A LOOK  AT  THE  PAST-Indian  tapestries,  paint-  kit. The collections will  be displayed Saturday, when   FAMOUS  FIREARMS  -  The  Sponish-style  modern  1:
           ings  and  statues  con  be  found  in  the  some  room   the  220-ocre  ronch  in  Newholl  is  turned  over  to   hilltop  ranch  house  includes one of the most exlen-  I
           with Hort's old greasepaint, cold cream and make-up   the County of  Los  Angeles for  use as o public park.   sive private collection  of  fomous guns  in  the  West.   ,_, _______ _

                        HART ON HORSEBACK-Jomes Montgomery Flagg
                        pointed  Hort  on  horse  in  192-4.  Fourteen  Chorles
                        M.  Russell  originals and  four  bronzes ore  included
                        in  Hort's  fomous  collection  of  western  art.
                                                  HILLTOP  HOUSE-The  entire ranch and surround-  the structure stands a lmost unchanged today,  except
                                                  ing  countryside con be  seen  from  the Spon,sh-style   for  the  lavish  furnishings and the collections of art
                                                  ranch house. Under construction from 1925 to 1927,   ond western  lore which Hort brought into the  home,
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