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                      The  writer wishes  to  express  his  gratitude  to  Dr.  R.  H.

         Jahns of the California Institute of  Technology not only for  suggesting

         this  study of the Soledad basin,  but also  for  his  guidance  and helpful

         criticism during the  progress of the  work.  Discussions with Drs.  J.  P.

         Buwalda,  A.  E.  J.  Engel,  L.  C.  Pray,  and  R.  P.  Sharp,  all  of the

         California Institute of Technology,  have  aided in clarifying  several

         aspects of the  study.     The writer also has benefited from discussions

         of the  regional  aspects of the  problem with  several fellow  students who

         have  worked in parts of the  area  shown in Plate  1.  Among these  men

         are C.  R.  Allen,  R.  B.  Campbell,  L.  A.  Carlson,  R.  0.  Castle,

         G.  P.  Eaton,  Ross  Ellis,  M.  F.  Meier,  Carel Otte,  Jr.,  Jesus  Ruiz-

         Elizondo,  and L.  T.  Silver.

                      The  officials of the  U.  S.  Forest Service  and the numerous

         residents  of the  region aided in the  rapid completion of the  field

         studies by allowing the  writer free  access to  their  lands.

                      The  field work was  supported  in part by a  research grant from

         the  Division of Geological Sciences of the California Institute of  Tech-

         nology.  The use of the  equipment and facilities  of the  Division also  was

         very helpful.

                      The  writer  is much indebted to  his wife,  Sally P.  Muehlberger,

         who  assisted in  preparation of the  manuscript and who  provided con-

         tinued  encouragement throughout the  course of the  project.
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