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CaliforniaS Oldest

            First commercially successful well in State dedicated                  A BOUT four miles-as a crow would
                                                                                  f"l. fly-from  Route  99,  one  of  the
                                  in Pico Canyon by pioneer oil men               busiest highways in  the United States,
                                                                                  a group of men assembled recently  to
                                                                                  dedicate a small plaque, 22 by 36 inches.
                                                                                   Back there in the dense undergrowth
                                                                                 of  Pico  Canyon  there  didn't  seem  to
                                                                                  be  any  connection  between  the
                                                                                  smoothly-pumping  "grasshopper"  on
                                                                                  C.S.O. No. 4 and the stream of vehicles
                                                                                  pouring over the "Grapevine."
                                                                                   But to the gathering of the Petroleum
                                                                                  Production  Pioneers,  the  traffic  was
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