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                                                 AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN

                                                 Spillikin Corners, a colorful and
                                                 unique  slice  of  contemporary
                                                 Americana,  where  master
                                                 craftspeople  ply  their  time­
                                                 honored  arts  within  full  view,
                                                 and with guest involvement, as
                                                 an  entirely  new  area  of  Magic
                                                 Mountain,  the  popular  family
                                                 entertainment park in Valencia,
                                                 In planning for three years, Spil­
                                                 likin Corners is  the year-round
                                                 home  to  a  gifted  group  of
                     \NC                   5     American  craftspeople brought
                                   N~~~          to Magic Mountain from across

                                                 the United States.
                                                 Termed "a folk fair and food fest
                                                 for all ages," the innovative area
      •4~                        ~~,,~           spotlights sixteen major Ameri­
                                                 can  crafts,  demonstrated  and
     ~,.~,-1,at.  I~                             exhibited  on  a  large  scale  by
                                                 masters of each specialty. In ad­
      Magic Mountain's treasure of handmade goodies
                                                 dition,  skilled  Corners'
                                                 craftspeople  fully  explain  the
                                                 history  and  methods  of  their
                                                 crafts,  inviting  questions  and
                                                 guest involvement.
                                                 Potters, weavers, confectioners,
                                                 doll-makers,  woodworkers,
                                                 printers,  silversmiths,  glass
                                                 blowers,  blacksmiths,
                                                 candlemakers  and  basket­
                                                 broom fashioners are among the
                                                 varied artisans at work.  In one
                                                 of  Spillikin  Corners'  most  un­
                                                 usual  attractions,  master
                                                 woodworkers  operate  an  au­
                                                 thentic duplicating lathe,  pow­
                                                 ered by a  chugging steam trac­
                                                 tor,  Circa 1909.
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