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The Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent


Everything you need to know about the Lincoln Cent can be found in Dr. Sol Taylor's "Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent" — the authoritative, 293-page text on America's oldest and widest circulating coin.

• Learn what to collect and how to properly care for your Lincolns. • Know how to spot a rarity in your pocket change. • Trace the origins of coin designs through historic documents and contemporary news articles of the day. • Find all of the annual mintage figures and other vital statistics in a year-by-year guide. • Discover fascinating die varieties and see what kind of error coins have escaped the Mint. • And more!

"The Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent" by Dr. Sol Taylor, now in its fourth edition, is yours for only $20, postage included. That's 20% OFF the regular retail price of $24.95, and NO CHARGE for shipping and handling.

OR: For $29.95, you'll receive the book plus a TWO-YEAR membership in the Society of Lincoln Cent Collectors (SLLC), which includes the Lincoln Cent Quarterly — edited by Dr. Taylor. Each issue of the Quarterly features a mail bid sale of small cents, auction results, news, and editorial commentary.