Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures



SC1401 - Dante Acosta, Santa Clarita City Council Member 2014-2016; Assemblyman 2016—.

AA5001 - Judge Adrian Adams, 1950s & 2003.

'Placerita Gold': Evelyn Adams by Linda Tarnoff • PCPOA News, March 2007.

LW2866 - Agajanian Hog Farm in Saugus Featured in Magazine Advertisement, 1953.

The Tony Alamo Story • by Pastor Tony Alamo & Nancy Ross, 2001.

LW2427 - Michael D. Antonovich, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor.

TA3401 - Asher Family at Their Vasquez Rocks Property, 1930s.

Asher Ranch Life Revealed in Vasquez Rocks Program by Lillian Smith, Agua Dulce-Acton Country Journal • 3-15-2014

My Memories Of Melody Ranch by Gene Autry • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995

GA1000 - Gene Autry, Singing Cowboy.


SD1401 - Leroy D. Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff 1998-2014.

LW0506 - Statue of Phineas Banning at Port of Los Angeles, erected 2004 (3 Views).

TN7501 - Bobby Batugo, World Champion Mixologist. 2 Views, 1970s.

LW2604 - Bobby Batugo Lapu Lapu Goblet, 4 Views.

Lois Bauccio, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year.

Edward F. Beale

BOOK - Edward Fitzgerald Beale: A Pioneer in the Path of Empire (Bonsal 1912).

LW2204 - Edward F. Beale.

LW2205 - Edward F. Beale, Woodcut.

(Edward F. Beale): The Camel Expedition • (New York, NY) Porter's Spirit of the Times, 2-20-1858

Alberta Platz Bell's Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.

Life Story of Harry Bell, 2011 SCV Man of the Year5-6-2011.

Fran Bennett Retires from CalArts School of Theater After 36 Years CalArts, 1-8-2015.

Trump Taps Onetime COC Trustee Don Benton to Head Selective Service System • The White House, 4-10-2017.

LW2490 - Herman Benz Family of Bouquet Canyon, 8-5-1950.

LW2888 - Asthma Patient Timmy Bercaw, 9, of Saugus, Visited by Singer Frankie Randall, 1967.

BE8902 - Mike Berger, Chamber President-Elect, at SCV Dodger Day, 5-18-1988.

SZ2702 - William J. Biscailuz, Pico Canyon Petroleum Engineer, ~1900-1920s.

LW2533 - Sherman Block, Los Angeles County Sheriff 1982-1998.

PC3701 - Bertha & Emma Blum of Acton; Newhall School Teachers, 1937.

William G. "Bill" Bonelli by Alan Pollack, 2011.

William G. "Bill" Bonelli by Leon Worden, November 2000.

GZ0601 - Pam Bordelon, Blue Bird Father-Daughter Dance, OLPH School, May 1967.

GZ0602 - Pam Bordelon and Monica Haywood, 1966.

GZ0401 - Pam Bordelon (Koopman) at Dillenbecks' Labor Day Picnic, September 1970.

Biography of Rev. Dr. Stephen Bowers (Bowers Cave, etc.) American Philosophical Society, n.d.

SG7301 - Jereann Bowman, 1973 SCV Woman of the Year.

SC1314 - Timothy Ben "TimBen" Boydston, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2006-2008 & 2012—.

SC9010 - Carl Boyer III, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1998.


LW2459 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Matchbook Cover, 1940s.

LC0000 - Callahan and Cesena Families of Newhall & Agua Dulce.

LW2874 - Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village (Culver City), Postcard ~1940s.

LW2965 - Robert E. Callahan with Hopi Indian Employees, n.d. (Mission Village).

LW2511 - Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village (Culver City) Good Luck Token.

LW2966 - "Hopi Snake Dance and Fish Ceremony" by Robert E. Callahan, Mission Village, n.d.

Biography of George Campton • Pen Pictures from the Garden of the World, 1889

AL9201 - Billhead from G. Campton's General Store, 9-1-1892.

SC9020 - George A. Caravalho, Santa Clarita City Manager 1988-2002.

TS1964 - Harry S. Chacanaca's Grave Marker, 3-2002.

LW2359 - Cher as a Baby, with Grandma Lynda Walker of Placerita Canyon, 1946-47.

HS1001 - William C. & Lavina Chormicle, Castaic Landowners.

Wm. Chormicle Sued for Slander Against 8-Year-Old Cooke Girl • News Reports, September 1910.

JE3801 - Alfred L. Clark, Founder of the Solemint Store, ca. 1935-1937.

COC Foundation Silver Spur Award Honors Myrna and Gary Condie • Documentary Video 2010.

Myrna Condie, 2012 SCV Woman of the Year5-4-2012

AP2205 - Dolores Cook Family and Cordovas at Cordova Ranch in Castaic ~1886.

PC3901 - Patricia Cook's Eighth Grade Diploma, Newhall School 1939.

MC0000 - Miguel "Mike" Corralejo Family Photos

SR0000 - Courtemanche Family Photos (Founders: French Village, National Forest Inn, Tumble Inn).

SR1301 - Grave Markers: Alfred & Emma Courtemanche, National Forest Inn & French Village.

Clem & Paula Cox Family Photos

HS3021 - Charles Crocker, Southern Pacific President, 1870s.

LW2693 - Terry Crossland, 10, of Newhall, Wades Through a Sea of Tumbleweeds, 1-16-1965.

LW2438 - Henry & Dolores Crowell, Autry Performer & Melody Ranch Manager.

ID2101 - Lyman & Lillian Curtis, St. Francis Dam Victims, 1921.

ID2101 - Marjorie, Mazie & Danny Curtis, St. Francis Dam Victims, 1926-1928 (Multiple Views).

Zonta Honors Dianne Curtis, Cheri Fleming for Global Impact • by Michele E. Buttelman, KHTS, 11-7-2014.

NL9902 - Gary M. Cusumano, President & CEO, Newhall Land.


Lester Dalbey, Pioneer of Hart High by Mary Catherine (Dalbey) Troka, 9-1-2001

COC Student Doreetha Daniels Tackling Statistics at 98 College of the Canyons, 10-31-2014

CO1501 - Doreetha Daniels, 99, Makes History as COC's Oldest Graduate, Multiple Views, 6-5-2015.

LW2828 - Santa Clarita City Council Honors Doreetha Daniels, COC's Oldest Graduate, 7-14-2015.

LW2842 - Doreetha Daniels Honored by Supervisor Antonovich Upon Her 100th Birthday, 4-26-2016

Jo Anne Darcy's Photo Collection

LW2415a - State Sen. Ed Davis Stumps for Park Bond, 1992.

LW2415b - State Sen. Ed Davis at Dedication of Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon, 3 Views, 10-23-1992.

Ed Davis: A True Public Servant by Hunt Braly • The Signal, 4-30-2006

LW2757 - Inscribed Portrait of Lucretia del Valle at Charles Lummis House (El Alisal), n.d.

Lucretia del Valle Selected as "Typical California Girl" Sunset magazine, July 1914.

LW2759 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Christens S.S. President Cleveland, 6-24-1946.

LW2887 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Promotes Women's Suffrage in Iran, 1950.

LW2532 - Reginaldo F. del Valle, Politician, 3 Views, 1913.

Reginaldo F. Del Valle, Politician & SCV Landowner: Biography During Life Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

LW2052 - Ygnacio del Valle, Landowner, 1808-1880.

Ygnacio del Valle, SCV Landowner & L.A. Civic Leader Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

Ygnacio del Valle Family Tree.

HS9028 - Envelope Addressed to Ygnacio del Valle, Postmarked Newhall, 6-2-1884.

Antonio & Ygnacio Del Valle's Roles in Privatizing Mission San Fernando, 1830s-40s from Engelhardt: San Fernando Rey, 1927.

Del Valle Family Played a Starring Role in Early California by Cecilia Rasmussen • L.A. Times, 11-11-2001.

Tom Dierckman, 2012 SCV Man of the Year5-4-2012

DB4801 - Charlie Dillenbeck Sr. on the Crocker Ranch in Sand Canyon, 2 Views, 1940s.

DB6304 - Bonnie Dillenbeck, Miss Tri-Canyon (Mint, Sand, Soledad), 1963.

DB5801 - Jennifer Dillenbeck (Moore), George Conrad, Ace Cain, 1958. 2 Views.

DI7101 - Sharon Tolbert (Divis), Candy Striper, Inter-Valley Community Hospital, 1971.

Rev. Samuel Dixon, Val Verde Leader by Tracey LaMonica • The Signal, 12-2-2005.

SG7301 - Rev. Samuel Dixon, 1973 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2564 - Jonathan S. Dodge, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, 1917-1921.

LW9502 - City Formation Committee: Art & Glo Donnelly, Laurene Weste, 1995-96.

SG9900 - Warren M. Dorn, Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor, 1956-1972.

GD5301 - Eugene & Maxine Doty Family, Newhall ~1953.

GD1801 - Jesse Doty, Newhall's First Ford Dealer. Multiple Photos 1914-1951.

Bob Downs, Hart High Music Instructor, 1960s by Darryl Manzer • The Signal, 1-2-2005

JN5501 - Emilia Appelzoller Duran, Newhall Ranch resident, pre-1963.

JN4801 - Esther Duran (Dyer), Beauty Queen, at Home on Newhall Ranch, 2 Views, Late 1940s.

JN4102 - Lillian Duran at Newhall Land Irrigation Reservoir, Pre-Valencia, 1940s.

George Walters and the Dyer Family by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1998.


HB2801 - Gold Badge Awarded to Officer Thornton Edwards for Bravery During St. Francis Dam Disaster, 1928.

Sue Endress, 2015 SCV Woman of the Year, Video 5-1-2015.

AL1968 - Elizabeth Evans, Saugus resident who was shot during Robert F. Kennedy assassination, 6-6-1968.

Rev. W.H. Evans to Celebrate 15th Anniversary in Newhall The Newhall Signal • 7-4-1929


Broome Killing Reopens Questions About Hattie Farmer's Murder Los Angeles Sunday Herald, 1-25-1903.

The Murder of Harriet Melrose Farmer, 1890 Story by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch Jan.-Feb. 2014.

HB1301 - Graves of Harriet Farmer & Nancy Melrose, 3-16-2013.

SC1312 - Frank Ferry, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998-2014.

FW3701 - Lifelong Newhall Resident Melba Walker Fisher, 1916-2015, Multiple Views.

Video - Melba Walker Fisher Returns to Walker Cabin, 1-8-2011.

Zonta Honors Cheri Fleming, Dianne Curtis for Global Impact • by Michele E. Buttelman, KHTS, 11-7-2014.

LW2229 - John Ford, Film Director.

AL9301 - Letter from County School Superintendent to W.N. Forker of Newhall, 12-15-1893.

AL9901 - $500 Homeowners Ins. Policy FBO W.N. Forker of Newhall, 6-8-1899.

John C. Fremont.

LW2069 - Maj. Gen. John C. Frémont, "The Pathfinder." Engraving.

LW2225 - Gen. John C. Frémont, carte de visite, 1850s-1860s.

LW2696 - John C. Frémont for President, Campaign Medal, 1856.

LW2224 - John C. Frémont for President, Shell Card, 1864.

LW2602 - Circle of Friends Medal No. 9: John C. Fremont, 1913.

Tom Frew & Sons, Newhall Blacksmiths by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, December 1996

TF1000 - Tom Frew II, Newhall Blacksmith. 28K.

HS5001 - Barbara Fullstone at Newhall Ranch House, ~1950s.

LW2019 - Juan José Fustero, Tataviam Indian, c. 1910s.

LW2141 - Juan José Fustero: Death Certificate, 6-30-1921.


Henry T. Gage: Biographical Information.

Henry T. Gage: Genealogical Information.

LW2132 - Henry T. Gage, California Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner.

LW2091 - Henry T. Gage, California Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner, Campaign Button, 1898.

LW2226 - Henry T. Gage, Governor, and Jacob H. Neff, Lt. Governor, Campaign Button, 1898.

AG9901 - Henry T. Gage: Inaugural Ball Program (2 Views), Jan. 9, 1899.

AP3213 - Henry T. Gage & the Red Rover Mine, 1890-1912.

LW2546 - Henry T. Gage, Calif. Governor & Acton Gold Mine Owner.

Francisco Garcia: Centenarian Says He and Lopez Discovered Gold Los Angeles Times, 4-3-1896.

JO1201 - Sam Garrett, Rodeo Cowboy & Sand Canyon Rancher (Multiple Views), 1892-1989.

LW2732 - Crypt of Mark T. Gates Sr., Founder, Eternal Valley Memorial Park, 1907-1972.

AP1723 - Dr. Vincent Gelcich, Early Pico Oil Field Promoter & Investor. 2 Views

JB2804 - Louise Gipe, Switchboard Operator, St. Francis Dam Disaster Heroine, 1928.

Louise Gipe, Heroine of St. Francis Dam Disaster, Attempts Suicide • News Reports, April 1928.

Cheryl Gray, 2014 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year.

GU0000 - Bob & Arminta Guthrie Family Photos (SPRR's Last Saugus Station Agent).

Bob Guthrie, Last Saugus Stationmaster, Pays a Visit by Judy Mook • The Signal, 11-30-2003

Don G., Aggie & Newhall Hardware by Dan Hon • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995


AP3103 - J.J. & Minnie Haisch at their Acton General Store, 1923.

AP3303 - Acton Postmaster & General Merchant John J. Haisch, ~1920s.

GS3001 - "Cap" Harmon and his Gold Mining Sluice, Placerita Canyon, 1890s-1900s.

HB6801 - Greg & Mike Hammermeister at Old Orchard I Clubhouse Pool, Sept. 1968.

Oilman Harvey Hardison Among Casualties in Fatal Tunnel Explosion • 4-4-1890.

LW2853 - Santa Paula Mining & Reduction Co. Stock Cert. Issued to L.M. Hardison, 7-30-1901.

Oil Pioneer & Newspaperman Wallace L. Hardison Killed in Collision with Locomotive • 4-10-1909.

LW2403 - St. Francis Damkeeper Tony Harnischfeger & Family, n.d.

SG6001 - George Harris, C.M. MacDougall & Ronald Reagan at Hart High, early 1960s.

LW2429 - James M. Harter, Newhall Ranch (Newhall Land, 1992-99).

Death of John C. Haskell, Saugus Rancher Los Angeles Herald, 7-3-1909.

LW2535 - Tippi Hedren with Pet Raven, Buddy; Look Magazine 12-4-1962.

LW2777 - Tippi Hedren, Publicity Photo, 1985.

SC9611 - Jan Heidt, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-2000.

DH2101 - Tony & Geneva Dean Held & Sons, Agua Dulce Homesteaders (Multiple Photos), 1920s.

EH5001 - Ernie Hickson's Placeritos (Melody) Ranch Photos, 1940s. Slideshow, 22 Images.

EH5101 - Patricia Ann Hickson Visits Placeritos Ranch ~1951.

SG0305 - Honby Men's Club, 1968.

LW2243 - Lou Henry (Hoover) at R.E. Nickel's Store, 8-22-1891.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Tells of Time in Acton by Meryl Adams, 1988.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Corrects Record About Her Summers in Acton by Alan Pollack, 1-2010.

LW2487 - Mark Hopkins, Treasurer, Central Pacific Railroad. Intaglio Print from Original ABNCo. Plate, 1950s.

Wade Albert Horton, Wealthy Mint Canyon Rancher, Slain in Botched Home-Invasion Robbery News reports, 1930-1932.

LW2818 - (Margo Hudson) Margo's Boutique, $25 Good-for Token, 1980s.


1910 U.S. Census: Fred & Frances Cooke and William W. Jenkins Families

The Story of Ranger Bill Jenkins of Castaic, 1835-1916 by Samuel Lanner Kreider, 4-16-1952.

AP2222 - William W. Jenkins, Castaic Land Baron, 1835-1916.

TLP1601 - William W. Jenkins: Death Certificate, 10-19-1916.

Castaic Range War: Jenkins-Chormicle Feud Revisited by Dr. Alan Pollack, Heritage Junction Dispatch, Sept.-Oct. 2014.

LW2247 - Mr. & Mrs. Martin Johnson, 1937 Newhall Plane Crash Victims.

Hi Jolly and the U.S. Camel Corps, Associated Press, 1940s.

Jones Family and the Newhall (former Swall) Hotel, 1920s-1950s by Patte Dee McKee, 3-18-2014


SC1310 - Robert C. "Bob" Kellar, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2000—.

Patricia Westcott Kelly's Pico Canyon Scrapbook • 2001

LW2582 - Assemblyman Jim Keysor: Campaign Ephemera: A "Record" of Leadership (an LP Record), 1972.

Rodney King: What Really Happened? For 3 SCV Cops, Another Chapter Endsby Leon Worden, 6-17-2012

PS1801 - Charles Kingsburry's Draft Card, 9-12-1918.

MS0232 - Charles Kingsburry Leads Sheriff's Posse, 7-4-1934.

SC9612 - Jill Klajic, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1990-1994 & 1996-2000.

LW2530 - Dennis M. Koontz, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1990.

Kraszynski Sues to Recover Land Used for Original Oil Refinery at Lyon's Station, 1874.

Dorothy Lewis Kupcha's Memoirs of Life in Newhall, 1918-1931 • December 2003


CL0100 - Carol & Frenchy Lagasse, Pico Residents, 1967-1994. Color Photo, 1980s.

GL2401 - Newhall Resident Gladys Thibaudeau (Laney), Studio Portrait, 1920s.

Gladys Laney: Witness to 90 Years of History, by Margie Anne Clark • The Signal, 8-16-2000

VIDEO - Gladys Laney on Legacy: Santa Clarita's Living History, ~2002

LW2644 - Gladys Laney, Lifelong Newhall Resident, on her 104th Birthday, 7-16-2014

John Lang and the 1,600-pound Grizzly Bear of 1875 John Lang Letter to L.A. Herald, 7-17-1875.

HS9026 - Postcard, Handwritten by James G. Lang, Ordering Eggs, 3-6-1888.

John Lang: Biography During Life, with Bear Story Pen Pictures | Illustrated History of Los Angeles County 1889.

NL9903 - Marlee Lauffer, VP-Communications, Newhall Land.

Marked in Bark: Peter Lebeck's Curious Epitaph News reports, 1901.

George Lechler, Pioneer Piru Apiarist by Eleanor Quigley — Los Angeles Herald Illustrated Magazine, 3-16-1902.

NL9901 - Thomas L. Lee, 2000 SCV Man of the Year.

Video: Jim Lentini, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

Photo Album: Jim Lentini, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

LW2083 - Col. Charles Lindbergh Goes Gliding in Lebec, Popular Mechanics Photo Essay, 1930.

LW2824 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

Bill Lively, 2014 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year.

US8502 - Francisco Lopez, Gold Discoverer and SCV Landowner, n.d.

US8504 - Francisca Lopez de Belderrain, Source of Golden Dream Site & Story; Lopez Genealogy.

AA7010 - Thomas L. Lowe, President, Newhall Land, 1965-1971.

RN7001 - Thomas L. Lowe, President, Newhall Land, 1965-1971.

AA7402 - Henry Mayo Hospital Board Thanks Ex-Newhall Land President Tom Lowe, 1974.

LW2488 - Charles Fletcher Lummis: Historian, Preservationist, Indian Rights Activist.

Addi Lyon (Son of Sanford Lyon) in the News.

AP1334 - Sanford Lyon, SCV Pioneer and Entrepreneur.

The Brothers Lyon and Their Stagecoach Station by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, Sep.-Oct. 2012

Remarks on Cyrus and Sanford Lyon(s) from Harris Newmark's "Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913."


AA7003 - Judge C.M. MacDougall, 3 Views, 1960s-1970s.

AA7002 - Judges C.M. MacDougall and Adrian Adams, 1970.

John Mann, Historical Society President • The Signal, 2-21-2001.

WAY BACK WHEN: Commentaries by Darryl Manzer • The Signal, 2004-05

The Only Kid In Mentryville by Darryl Manzer • The Gazette, Spring 1997

KT0100 - Alton & Pat Manzer, Pico Residents, 1960-1966. Color Photo, 1950s.

KT0110 - Darryl Manzer, Pico Resident, 1960-1966. Photo, 1968.

MA8601 - Terry Martin, CPA, at SCV Dodger Night, 2 Views, 5-21-1986.

Stephen T. Mather: From SCV Borax Magnate to Founder of the National Park SystemExerpts from "Steve Mather of the National Parks" by Robert Shankland, 1951.

LW2758 - Gov. Pete Wilson & Rep. Buck McKeon, Campaign Rally in Valencia, 1994.

Video - Farewell Parade for Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Buck McKeon • The Pentagon 9-12-2014.

Video - Buck McKeon: A Legacy of Service • SCVTV 9-25-2014.

Video - Buck McKeon: Passage of HR5742: Soledad Canyon Settlement Act (Cemex) • 12-11-2014.

RL1501 - Opal Mayhue & Irene Ruiz McKibben in Newhall, c. 1910-15.

Atholl McBean by Alan Pollack, 2011.

SD1403 - Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles County Sheriff, 2014—.

SC1313 - Marsha A. McLean, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2002—.

NL9904 - Greg McWilliams, President, Newhall Land.

LW2859 - Accomplice Lester F. Mead Confesses to Role in 1929 Saugus Train Robbery, 11-1929.

CH1070 - Charles Alexander Mentry, Oil Driller.

Charles Alexander Mentry: Biography During Life Pen Pictures | Illustrated History of Los Angeles County 1889.

Some Notes About Alec Mentry's Birth Name by Leon Worden • 3-1-2014

The Mysterious Disappearance and Death of Alec Mentry's Father News Reports • 1886-1899

AS0001 - Charles Alexander Mentry's Death Certificate: Shows Typhoid Fever, 10-4-1900.

How did Alex Mentry die? by John Boston • The Signal, 10-4-2001.

HM7701 - Dick Millar, 1976 SCV Man of the Year.

Thomas F. Mitchell, Soledad Canyon Pioneer and – Killer? by Alan Pollack, 11-2013.

Mulholland Doesn't Deserve Ridicule for St. Francis Commentary by Pony Horton, 4-26-1998.

The Rise and Fall of William Mulholland by Alan Pollack, 11-2007.

AL1913 - (William Mulholland): Invitation to Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles Aqueduct, November 5, 1913.

AL1951 - (William Mulholland): Los Angeles Aqueduct, Opening Ceremonies, November 5, 1913 (7 Views).

LA2401 - William Mulholland in the Field, n.d.

LW2054 - William Mulholland, Civil Engineer & St. Francis Dam Builder

LW2206 - William Mulholland, Civil Engineer & St. Francis Dam Builder

LW2739 - William Mulholland, Pencil or Charcoal Sketch, n.d.

LW2402 - William Mulholland Memorial Fountain at Griffith Park, 1940s.

DH2301 - Walter Murphy & Tony Held, Hunting in Soledad Canyon, 1920s. 83K.

LW2335 - Eddie Murray, Baseball Hall of Famer & Valencia Car Dealer. Topps All-Star Rookie card, 1978.

Dee Dee Myers, First Female White House Press Secretary (Hart High 1979).


Uncle Remi Nadeau by Marilyn Nadeau Chrisman, 7-20-2007.

Remi Nadeau: Which is Which? Letter from Marilyn Nadeau Chrisman, 8-11-2003.

AP2602 - Henry Clay Needham, Prohibitionist.

Henry Clay Needham from Pen Pictures From the Garden of the World, 1889

AL1901 - Henry Clay Needham, Pearl Oil Company Stock Certificate, 1901.

Notes on My Grandfather, H. Clay Needham by Marjorie L. (Segerstrom) Coffill, 2000.

Henry Clay Needham: A Different Vision for Newhall by Leon Worden • Valley Living Magazine, February 2006

HS9005 - The Needham Piano & Organ (11 Views), December 2001.

LW2915 - HMN Grandson Almer M. Newhall Makes First Long-Distance Call from S.F. to Buenos Aires, 1930.

RN0108 - George Almer Newhall (1862-1929), President, Newhall Land.

RN0114 - George A. Newhall Jr. & Walter Scott Newhall (Grandsons of Henry M.), 1912.

The Story of Henry Mayo Newhall and the Newhall Foundation • Documentary Video 4-11-2015.

About Henry Mayo Newhall from the H.M. Newhall Foundation, 2000

Henry Newhall Builds An Empire by Leon Worden • The Signal, June 1995

AP1335 - Henry Mayo Newhall, Town Founder.

LW2182 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers, 4-15-1870.

HS6501 - (H.M. Newhall): Receipt from San Francisco & San Jose Railroad Depot, 12-23-1865.

AL1870 - (H.M. Newhall): Receipt from San Francisco & San Jose Railroad Depot, 8-3-1870.

AL1873 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers, 9-14-1873.

RN7301 - Henry Mayo Newhall's 5 Sons: Henry G., William Mayo, Edwin, Walter, George, 1873.

LW2050 - (H.M. Newhall): Billhead from Newhall Sons & Co. Auctioneers, 7-18-1881.

Death of H.M. Newhall • (San Francisco, CA) California Spirit of the Times and Underwriters' Journal, 3-18-1882

LW2131 - Site of H.M. Newhall's Auction House in San Francisco, 2001. Color.

LW2106 - (H.M. Newhall & Co.): Newhall Quality California Sardines - Label, 1920s.

LW2849 - Scott & Ruth Newhall Prepare to Embark on World Cruise, April 1936.

HS9030 - Ruth & Scott Newhall, Newspaper Publishers, at The S.F. Chronicle, ca. 1940s.

RN3001 - Family Photos: Ruth & Scott Newhall, Owners-Editors, The Signal, 7 Views.

LW2422 - Liberation of Anguilla Dollar Coin by Scott Newhall, 1967.

TN1968 - Scott Newhall at the San Francisco Chronicle, 1968.

AL2069 - Scott Newhall salvaging the Eppleton Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 1969.

LW2964 - Scott Newhall for Mayor of San Francisco, Pinback, 1971.

LW2255 - Press Photo: Scott Newhall for Mayor of San Francisco, 1971.

LW2424 - Signal Silver Ingot by Scott Newhall, ~1973.

GT8201 - Scott Newhall and the Signal Girls at the Piru Mansion, ca. 1986.

TN1989 - Ruth & Scott Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 1989.

SG9101 - Ruth & Scott Newhall Receive COC Foundation's Silver Spur Award, 10-12-1991.

SG9301 - Ruth Newhall Honored by SCV Historical Society, 2-10-1993.

SG9302 - Ruth Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 3-24-1993.

An Ode to Ruth Newhall on Her 90th Birthday by John Boston • The Signal, 7-2-2000

Life & Times Of Scott Newhall by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Jan.-Feb. 1996

RN1000 - Scott Newhall, Newspaperman. Color Photo, 1960s.

RN1100 - Scott Newhall, Newspaperman, 1981.

LW7103 - Rival Newspaper Publishers Tony Newhall & Jackie Storinsky, 1971.

LW2590 - Marriage License: Rudolph F. Nickel & Viola E. Percival, 7-16-1926.


John Olmstead's Live Oak Manor Cacti Gardens (Needham Ranch) • News reports, 1930s.


Catherine Pardee: Settlement of Estate • 9-23-1918

Ed Pardee: Keeper of Peace, Maker of News By Dr. Alan Pollack • Dispactch, Jan.-Feb. 2013

LW2051 - Ed Pardee, Lawman. 98K.

LW2802 - Biography of Mayor George Pederson, LASD, 1924-2015.

LW2801 - George Pederson, U.S. Navy 1943-1946.

LW2529 - George Pederson, SCV Man of the Year, 1997.

LW2643 - Betty Houghton Pember, 1980 SCV Woman of the Year.

Ramon Perea, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher by Joanne Holm • December 2000

Ramon Perea: A Forgotten Name at Pico by Leon Worden • The Signal, 2-17-2004

TS1915 - Graves of Ramon & Antonia Perea. Color photograph, 3-2002.

Young A.B. Perkins in Nevada by David Desmond • January 2001

Perkins Perseverance: Part of SCV's Water History By Nancy Jordan • NCWD, June 2001

AP0815 - A.B. Perkins Addresses Hart High Graduates, 1949.

AP0828 - Arthur B. Perkins, Historian, c. early 1950s. 62K.

LW2232 - Arthur B. Perkins, Oustanding Citizen of the Year, 1964.

AP1912 - Frances Phillips, SCV's First Car Owner, Driving in Placerita Canyon, 1910.

Did Andres Pico Really Harvest Oil in the 1850s? by Stan Walker • 11-17-2014

LW2175 - Peter J. Pitchess, Los Angeles County Sheriff, 1961.

LW2468 - Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess, 1912-1999 (1953-1982).

Judge John F. Powell and the Law in Soledad Township by Leon Worden • The Signal, March 8 & 15, 2003 (2 parts)

HS9013 - John F. Powell, Justice of the Peace, 1875-89 and 1900-23.

HS9014 - John F. Powell at His Office in Newhall, 1903.

AL1893 - Postcard, From John F. Powell, Ordering Pilsener beer, 6-20-1893.

LW2305 - Mel Powell, Founding Dean, CalArts School of Music.

Video - Kenneth R. Pulskamp, Santa Clarita City Manager 2002-2012.


'Placerita Gold': Phil Rawlins by Linda Tarnoff • PCPOA News, December 2006.

LW2184 - Jerry Reynolds, SCV Historian, 1937-1996.

LW2426 - John M. Reardon, Valencia National Bank, 1994-2002 (2007).

Growing Up in Newhall in the 1950s by Bill Rice, September 2000

Remember When? Newhall-Saugus in the 1950s by Bill Rice, 5-14-2014.

1959 Hart Grad Bill Rice to Enter Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame by Leon Worden, 1-19-2015.

Sarah Ware Robinson: Search for "Owner" of Curious Acton Tombstone Leads to England • by Tricia Lemon Putnam, 9-7-2014.

Conversations with Maurice Roderick: Reminiscences of Newhall in the 1920s.

Gallery - Alvino Romero's 1912 Homestead Cabin in Romero Canyon, 13 Views, 3-28-2014.

William D. Ross, DDS, and the History of Newhall Dentistry • From Brunner's 1940 History.

The Mysterious Gunshot Death of Margaret Routledge, 1-24-1916.

LW2737 - Billy Rowland, L.A. County Sheriff 1872-76, 1879-82; Captor of Vasquez.

NT1102 - August Rübel at His Writing Desk, Rancho Camulos, ~1940.

NT1026 - August Rübel and Johnny Dingtoes, a Parrot, Rancho Camulos, ~1940.

NT1019 - August Rübel & Gerald Rübel, Rancho Camulos, 1942.

NT1101 - August Rübel, American Field Service Uniform, WWII (1940s).

NT1039 - Grave Marker of August Rübel, Rancho Camulos Owner, North Africa American Cemetery (1943).

NT1033 - Baby Shirley Rübel with Bulldog, Rancho Camulos, ~1928.

NT1013 - Birthday Party for Shirley and Nathalie Rübel, Rancho Camulos, ~1931.

BR5120 - Bill Rundberg, Pico Resident, 1948-1953. Photo, 1951. 31K.

MS0279 - Charles & Carol Rupprecht, 7-4-1947.


Robert Sagehorn, CLWA General Manager, 1980-2002 by Leon Worden • The Signal, 9-27-01

LW2491 - Roger Salkeld, Major League Pitcher, Saugus High Grad, 1990 Topps Rookie Card.

NL9905 - Steve Schmidt, 2001 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2705 - John L. Scott, Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff, 2014.

Recollections of a Boy Ranger by Mike Shuman, July 1998

Mike Shuman, Placerita Principal, 1919-2000 by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 8-15-2000

GA7001 - Cecil Sims, Original Hart High School Faculty Member.

SZ2701 - Portrait of Charles E. Sitzman, Pico Oil Field Superintendent 1927-1937.

SR2701 - Baby Book of Richard Bruitt Smith, b. 3-14-1927; St. Francis Dam Entry.

CS1801 - Clyde Hamilton Smyth, Bronco Buster, 2 Views.

LW2809 - H. Clyde Smyth, Ed.D., Superintendent, Wm. S. Hart Union High School District.

CS9601 - H. Clyde Smyth, Ed.D., Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1994-1998.

Candy Spahr, 2011 SCV Woman of the Year5-6-2012

Lyman Stewart, Christian Oil DrillerBIOLA University.

HS3022 - Leland Stanford, Central Pacific President, 1870s. 73K.

SC1202 - Kenneth W. Striplin, Ed.D., City Manager 2012—.

RB0000 - Photo Collection: Contable-Deputy Benjamin Franklin Summers (23 Views).

AP1413 - Harvester J.A. "Jake" Swall Sr. & Sons, 1890s.

WR5903 - Newhall Residents John Swallow, Bill Rice, Richard Schaub. 72K.


LW2239 - Thomas Thorkildsen, Co-owner, Sterling Borax Works.

BT1892 - Charles Edward Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

BT1893 - J. Herbert Tolfree, Tolfree Eating House, Saugus (Saugus Cafe).

Notes from Interview with Edward Toney, Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • 3-3-2002

Darius Towsley: Towsley Canyon's Namesake by Leon Worden • The Signal, 10-15-1997

Bobbie Trueblood's Old Newhall Memories by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Spring 1996

Simeon Tucker, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher-Hotelier (1896-1902), Passport photo 1919.

Simeon Tucker, San Francisquito Canyon Rancher-Hotelier (1896-1902), Biographical Sketch 1921.


Terry Van Gorder: 1st Pres., Magic Mountain; Built Valencia Golf Courses, Indian Dunes • Obituary 3-2-2016

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook: 25 Years at the Helm of COC • College of the Canyons, 7-1-2013

One-On-One with COC Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook • College of the Canyons, Fall 2013

COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook Receives Key to City of Santa Clarita, 10-26-2013

HS3020 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit. 98K

A la Señorita, por Tiburcio Vasquez, n.d.

Vasquez and the Tres Pinos Horror • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 9-4-1873

The Vasquez Gang • (San Diego) The World, 9-20-1873

Vasquez. Daring Robbery Near Camulos • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 10-23-1873

Taking of Kingston by Vasquez • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 12-29-1873

Vasquez Band Robs Kingston • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 1-1-1874

Vasquez, The Robber Raid On Kingston • (San Diego) The World, 1-3-1874

T. Vasquez: Letter from Varnum Westcott to Gov. Newton Booth • 1-12-1874

Confession of Charles W. Weeks, Vasquez Gang Member • February 1874.

Vasquez Captured at Last. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-15-1874

Vasquez Capture Confirmed • (San Diego) Evening World, 5-15-1874

Capture of Vasquez • (Vallejo, CA) The Daily People's Independent, 5-16-1874

Vasquez' History in Brief • (San Diego) The World, 5-18-1874

JE4001 - Tiburcio Vasquez: Portrait & Biography, 5-19-1874. 81K

Capture of Vasquez, A Question Of Honor • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 5-19-1874

The Jail Life of Vasquez. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-1874

The Scene of Vasquez' Capture. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-21-1874

Vasquez Captured • (Stockton, CA) Stockton Weekly Independent, 5-23-1874

Vasquez Captured • (New York, NY) The New York Times, 5-24-1874

Abdon Leiva's Version Of Vasquez gang Tres Pinos Massacre. • (San Francisco, CA) The Sunday Chronicle, 5-24-1874

Tiburcio Vasquez Trial and Murder Conviction At San Jose • Los Angeles Weekly Star, 1-16-1875

Vasquez Refused a New Trial By the Supreme Court • (San Jose, CA) The Weekly Argus, 3-13-1875

The Execution Of Vasquez! • (Sacramento) The Daily Bee, 3-19-1875

Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged At San Jose • New York Tribune, 3-20-1875

Execution of Vasquez, the Bandit • Dallas Daily Herald, 3-21-1875

The Haunts and Hideouts of Tiburcio Vasquez, by Will H. Thrall • So. Cal Historical Society Quarterly, June 1948

Tiburcio Vasquez, Lover-Bandit, by Dick Cox • Real West, November 1965

Remembering Chester A. Vaughn and Carefree 1940s Newhall, by Lynda Henderson, 4-28-2005

Paul T. Veluzat, 1898-2000, by Leon Worden & Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 4-12-2000

LW2104 - Paul T. Veluzat Honored in Congressional Record • 4-1-2001

Rene Veluzat Named 1975 SCV Man of the Year Van Nuys Valley News, 5-27-1975

HM7701 - Rene Veluzat, 1975 SCV Man of the Year.

LW2755 - NFL RB Shane Vereen, Valencia HS Class of 2007: 9th Grade School Photo.

HS2911 - "Buffalo" Tom Vernon, aka Tom Averill, Saugus Train Robber (1929).

The Great Saugus Train Robbery. • (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles Times, 11-11-1929

CR5701 - "Buffalo" Tom Vernon, 1929 Train Robber, After Prison Release, 1957-58 (3 Views).

Tom Vernon and the Saugus Train Robbery by Dr. Alan Pollack • 11-2009


LW2194 - Bob Walk, Major League Pitcher. Baseball Card.

The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon (Comprehensive History) by Leigh Nicolai-Moon • Placerita Canyon Nature Center Associates, 2002.

GS0000 - Index: George Starbuck's Walker Family Collection.

FW2010 - 7 Children of Frank and Hortense Walker, Late 1910s.

GS2801 - Frank and Hortense Walker with all 12 children, 1928.

A Golden Legacy: The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon by Norinne De Gal • The Signal, February 2000

Frances Walker Murder: Newhall Cop's Wife Slays 'Other Woman,' Gets Away With It San Diego Union, 10-6-1935

George Walters and the Dyer Family by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1998.

VS0000 - Joseph & Minnie Warmuth and Family, Sand Canyon (Multiple Views), 1920s-30s.

WY7702 - Joyce Wayman, 1976 SCV Woman of the Year.

SC1311 - Laurene Weste, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998—.

The Librarian and The Cowboy: Mimi & Charlie White by David Desmond, March 2001.

Henry Clay Wiley, Early L.A. & SCV Pioneer, 1829-1898 Los Angeles Times, 10-26-1898

Jack Williams, Stunt Double, Enjoys Newfound Tranquility by Stephen K. Peeples • The Signal, 4-25-2005

Recollecting My Neighbor, Tex Williams by Patti Rasmussen • Gazette, July-August 2006.

LW2534 - Dr. Marc Winger, Superintendent, Newhall School District, 1997—.

LW2596 - Marylynn Winkler (Butters), 9-year-old Hero of Castaic Plane Crash, Celebrated in True Comics strip 4-18-1943

LW2231 - Sara Faye Wood, 1977 SCV Woman of the Year.

Connie Worden Named 1975 SCV Woman of the Year Van Nuys Valley News, 5-27-1975

WY7702 - Connie Worden, 1975 SCV Woman of the Year.

Leon Worden, 2015 SCV Man of the Year, Video 5-1-2015.

Mary Wright, An Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • The Signal, 7-16-2002


Oil's Well that Ends Well: Milfred Yant's Long Con Pays Off at Confusion Hill • TIME Magazine, 12-19-1949.

Yant's Last Laugh: Mother Nature Turns Tables on Con Man in Placerita Canyon by Alan Pollack, Dispatch, March-April 2017.

LW2451 - William E. Youle, Pioneer Oil Driller.

Walton Young Retires from Standard Oil Co. • The Signal, May 19, 1927


LW2428 - Steven D. Zimmer, Newhall Land, COC Board.

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