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On  Saturday we really appreciated the extra
                                                                 help we received at the clay activity and
                                                                 parking cars from Silverwood Lake volunteers
                                                                 Steve and  Kathy Williams.

                                                                Thank you  to the State Parks staff who put in
                                                                 extra-long hours to set up,  staff, and clean up
                                                                 after the event:  Denny Andreoni,  Chris
                                                                 Pistone,  Frankie Watson,  Caroline Gaete, Jean
                                                                 Rhyne,  Ranger Kevin Overduin,  and Supervising
                                                                 Ranger Matt Williams.

                                                                We look forward to seeing you at the
                                                                 Celebration in 2020!

               Bruce Love assists Don  Borchers
                                                                 Save the Date - Holidays on  the
                       at the FAVIM booth
                                                                 Homestead 2019
                                                                            BY MUSEUM CURATOR I,  PEGGY RONNING
        FAVIM Board  members Don  Borchers and  Lynn
        DuPratt staffed the FAVIM booth with the
                                                                Join us for the 9 annual Holidays on the
        assistance of FAVIM member Bruce Love.  FAVIM
                                                                 Homestead celebration on  Saturday,  December
        Board member Betsy Matheny staffed the
                                                                7 from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. The museum's historic
        FA VIM beverage booth with the assistance of
                                                                 grounds will be decorated in vintage holiday
        the Torno Kahni volunteers:  Phyllis Comstock,
                                                                 style and feature live acoustic music around a
        Sally Curren, Joyce Wilson,  and Cindy
                                                                campfire,  a chili cook-off,  tours of the
                                                                 grounds,  a country craft boutique,  real cowboy
                                                                coffee brewed over the fire,  and  hot chocolate
        Thank you to all the volunteers who staffed
        the museum and the touch table:  Darrell                or cider for the kids!  Explore the unique hand-
        Walters,  Elsie Purdy,  Anne Kittlitz, Michiko           built museum and whimsical grounds at night,
        Shimizu, Ann  Williams, Jim Quinn, Jeannine             with soft lighting and the smell of fresh
        Byers,  Rich  Byers,  and Raven  Rivera.                greenery, and the wintery sky sparkling over
                                                                the desert. Event admission is $1 O for adults,
                                                                 $5  for ages 6-12,  and ages 5 and under are

           A combined  18,333 hours of volunteer
         experience: Anne Kittlitz, Elsie Purdy, and              Mike Tcherkassky,  "The Saddle Serenader"
                        Phyllis Comstock
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