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letter  dated  March  9,  1982
             page  two

              Incidental,ly  the      "tender"     which  we  will  be  moving  along  with  the
             engine  is  the      Vanderbilt         type  with  a  large  white  "Southern
             Pacific    11   on  the  side.    Both  engine  and  tender  will  be  sandblasted
             and  repainted  including  the           11  Southern  Pacific"  lettering.

             Again  let  me  say  we  are  ·most  appreciative  and  grateful  for  this
             splendid  and  much  needed  donation  and  wish  to  thank  you,  your
             staff  and  the  Southern  Pacific  Transporation  Co.  for  making  this
             project  and  program  possible.


                                                                         Thomas  E.  Mason
                                                                         Santa  Clarita  Valley
                                                                         Historical  Society

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