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Watch For Your Favorite Driver

                                                 Bill Zaring-No.  I 0

                                      Here  is  an  ex-Gob  who  after  spending  three  years  in  the  navy
                                    during  the  war  is  back driving  better  than  ever.  Bill's  first  race  was
                                    at  San  Diego  in  1939.  His  hard·,  smart  driving  is  respected  by  all
                                    drivers  as  a  constant  threat.  Bill  has  always  been  known  to  score
                                    within  the  first  four  for  the  championship.  He  ls  twenty-eight  years
                                    of  age,  happily  married  and  has  two  children.

     Event  No.  6-                    Special  Event
      NO.             DRIVER              NO.             DRIVER               TIME

     !vent No.  7-Se~I-Main Event,  15 Laps  ( Cars From  Events .No. 2 and  No. 3, Inverted)

     Event  No.  8-Main Event,  50  Laps  ( Cars  From  Events  Nos.  4  and  5,  Inverted)

              San Fernando Valley Motors, Inc~

                              DIRECT  DODGE  - PLYMOUTH  DEALER
                                  NOW  HOWING

                               THE  NEW
                 •                            /
         Dodge and ,Plymouth

         700  San  Fernando  Rd.                              San  Fernando,  Calif.
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