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rigors  of  winter,  was,  at  least,  a  route   Actually,  there  is  not  as  much  merit  in
           Fine  Leather   GP11uine   Custom  Grade   unexposed to harassment in event of civil   glamorizing  the  early-day  express  com-
          Quality  C;afted  "JOE  HALL"   Hand  Finished   war.                  panies . as  there  is  in  recognizing  the
           Leather  Lined   Boots   Goodyear  Welt   In  1859,  Russell,  Majors  and  Waddell,   valor  of  the  early-day  mail  service.  The
                                             the  firm  which  founded,  owned  and   mail  service  of  equivalent  time  was,  in
                                             operated  the  Pony  Express,  operated  a   volume,  many  times  that  of  the  express
                   Men's  sizes  6  thru  12   daily  stage  from  the  Missouri  River  to   companies,  but  the  Government  does  not
                    C,  D  &  E Widths.                                          publicize  its  adventurous  accomplish-
                      Ladies  Sizes          Cherry Creek  (Denver)  to  provide trans-  ments.
                       4  thru  10           portation  and .private mail  service  to the
                      A, B,  C & D           gold  fierJ.ds  which  were  discovered  in   By  the  same  token,  the  stage  lines  of
                       Widths.               1858.  In  1859  they  bought  the  Hockaday   California,  including  the  three  trunk
                       Black or              contract  to  Salt  Lake  City  and  put  in   line transcontinental  overland  mail  serv-
                       Brown.               · a  daily  stage  line  from  the  Missouri   ices,  are  a  thing  of  the  past  and  the
                                             River  to  Salt  Lake  City.  A  few  months   names  of  all  and  thQir  deeds  have  been
                      $15.95                 after  that,  the  Post  Office  Department   forgotten,  except  by  a  few  who  are
                        Pair                 canceled  the  Chorpenning  contract  to   students  of  history.  This  is  -not  as  it
                #3800         ,   #3805      carry mail from  Sacramento to  Salt Lake   should  be,  for  if  history  were  brought
              S ervice  Jodhpur   Dress  /oc/.hpur
                                             City  and  awarded  it  to  Russell,  Majors   into  true  perspective  before  the  public,
          Light  in  wei~ht  yet  durable  and  tough.  Ideal   and  Waddell.    the  stage  lines  and  their  adventurous
          for  "all-round '  wear.  Top  grain  calfskin  uppers,
          oak  bend  leaither  so~es,  shoe  heel  is  rubber   They  began  operation  of  a  semi-  operations and the great names connected
          capped.  Fully  lined  with  so#  glove  leather.  Firm   monthly  stage  from  Sacramento  to  Salt   therewith,   would   be   more   vividly
          ankle  support  and  trim  fit.  Takes  a  high  gloss                 cemented  into  the  public  mind.
          polish.                            Lake  City  and  a  daily  stage  from  Salt   Wells  Fargo Express Company  had  an
                      RIDING BOOTS $29.50    Lake  City  to  the  Missouri -River  under   exemplary  history  which  is  now  known
                      Tops  and  vamps  of  fine  dress   the  corporate  name  of  the  Central  Over-
                      leather.  Authentic  English  styl-  land  California  and  Pikes  Peak  Express   to everyone, and without crediting it with
                      ~?de~alf  sizes:  Slim,  Regu,lar,   Company  in  compliance  with  the  mail   history which was not its own, it still had
                                             contracts.  This  became  the  first  trans-  enough  to  make  one  of  the  greatest  ad-
                         #4100  Men's  Black
                         #4101  Men 's  Brown   continental  mail  and  stage  line  to  Cali-  venture  stories  of  western  history.  And
                       Sizes  6-12,  Widths  C,D  & E   fornia over the central or emigrant route.   there  were  others.
                         #4102  Ladies'  Black   Mark  Twain,  the  author  of  the  great   Adams  and  Company,  banking and  ex-
                         #4103  Ladies  Brown   western  narrative,  Roughing  It,  an   press,  founded  in  1839,  moved  into
                      Sizes  4-9,  Widths A, B, C & D
                                             American classic, made his trip overland   California  in  1849  with  the  gold  rush.
               Satisfaction  Guaranteed-Free  Catalog   to  California on  the  Russell,  Majors  and   Within  two  or  three  years  it  had  ex-
                                             Wad dell  stages.   -              press  offices  in  every  gold  mining  com-
                              P.  0.  Box  17246T   Whereas there were a  hundred or more   munity  in  California,  and  the  early-day
          HALL BOOT Co  •      El  Paso,  Texas   local  stage  lines  operating  internally  in   woodcuts  of  the  old  mining  towns  show
                                             California,  there  were  only  three· trans-  a  small  office  with  a  pennant  on  top
                                             continental  mail  stages  into  California.   reading "ADAMS  AND  COMPANY."
                                             James  Birch  and  His  "Jackass  Mail"   Wells  Fargo  and  Co.  was  incorporated
                                             into  San  Diego  was  the  first  in  1857.   in  New  York  in  1852  for  the  purpose  of
         Books  ·Found  •  •  •              This  was  followed  by  the  famous  But-  entering  business  in  California,  but  the
                                                                                gold  rush was  over by then  and many of
           Out-of-print  books  at  lowest  prices!   terfield  Overland· Mail  to  San  Francisco   the  miners  were  leaving  the  canyons.
                                             in  1858.  Then  in  1859  Russell,  Maj ors
             You  name · it-we  find  itl    and Waddell put their stage line through   Nevertheless,  by  persistence,  expansion
          Western  Americana  and  Indian  Books  a   from  the  Missouri  River to  Sacramento.   and  growth  they  emerged  as  the  great
          s0ecialty.  Fast  service.  Send  us  your  wants   No  local  stage  line  in  California  nor   express  company  of  California.
                                                                                  Its  operations  were  confined  to  the
          -no  obligation.                   the  three  transcontinental  stage  lines   express  business  and  the  banking  busi-
           International · Bookfinders       overland  into  California  could  hope  to   ness  connected  therewith.  It  operate(!
                                             pay  expenses  by  the  carrying  of  mail
          Box  3003-TW       Beverly  Hills,  Calif.   and  had  to  rely  on  additional  income   continuously under the  New  York  inc'l:>r-
                                             from  passengers  and  express.  The  stage   poration  and  was  never  incorporated  in
                                             lines  which  had  no  mail  contracts  were   California.  Never  at  any  time  did  it
                                             still  further  hardpressed.  Actually,  the   operate  a  stage  line  in  the  State,  yet
                     NOW  FIND   TREASURE!  With   principal  business  of the stage  lines had   many  people  today  are  under  that  im-
                     the  original  super-sensitive  "(::QIN.   to  be  the  production  of  revenue  from   pression. With the pending completion  of
                     FINDER"  Locators • . Quality  tran-                       the first transcontinental railroad.  Wells
                     sistor  models  make  amazing  finds   passenger  fare  and  express  charges.   Fargo  Express  became  concerned  with
                     of  coins,  battle  relics,  gold  and
                     silver.  Complete  and  ready  to  use                     obtaining  a  contract  for  express  rights.
                     as  illustrated  with  6  inch  search   THE  EXPRESS  companies,  hundreds   As  a  preliminary  move,  Wells  Fargo
                     head  for  single  coins.  Larger  heads   of which  were  in existence  in  Cali-  combined  with  other  express  companies
                     and  loudspeaker  models  available.
                     Write  for  FREE  catalog.   fornia  from  1849  to  1869,  served  addi-  and  the  Holladay  Overland  Mail  Com-
                      ART HOWE &  COMPANY   tional  functions  somewhat  similar  to   pany, which was operating the stage line
                     811-T Kansas Ave., Atchison, Kansas   those  of  today's  travel  agency.   between  the  converging  ends  of  the
                                              Since they had local offices and agents,   rapidly  building  railroad.
                                            they  handled  express  packages  on  and   The merger was effected on  November
              NAVAJO  INDIAN  RUGS          off  the  stage  lines  and  acted  as  agents   1,  1866,  under  the  vehicle  of  Ben  Holla-
     .             At Wholesale  Prices
    _ _   Mex~c_an  serape  drapes  in  many  colors- Velvet  tapes-  for  the  stage  lines  by  selling  tickets,   day's Colorado charter which was granted
      --.....  - tnes  in  brilliant   animal   and  hunting  scenes-  boarding  passengers,  handling  baggage,   to him by the Colorado Territorial Legis-
          Money   belts  with  two  secret   pockets- Mexican   etc.  A  local  express  agent  often  would   lature.  With  this  merger  Wells  Fargo
          Chaleco  J ackets-Tanned  Sheep-skins,  snow-white and   become  a  celebrity  in  his  community  be-  ceased to'be a  New York corporation, and
          velvet  soft- Seal-skins,  lovely  to  look  at  and  to
          touch-Sombrero  hats  that  are  22"  in  diameter  and   cause  of  the  personal  relationships  and   the  board  of  directors  of  the  Holl-aday
          symbolic  of  the  Mexican  Hat  dance--Sheep-skin   services  rendered  to  the  townspeople.   Overland  Mail  Company  changed  the
          coats  in  every  size.  Warmest  coat  made.
                  THE  FREED  COMPANY       On  the  other hand,  the  stage  driver  was   name  to  "Wells  Fargo  and  Company,"
           Box 394,  Dept. TW,  Albuquerque,  New  Mexico   a  solitary  individual  who  oftentimes   which  corporation  is  still  in  existence,
                                            changed from one stage route to  another.   and  has  been  in  existence  without  inter-
                                              The foregoing  makes  it easy to  under-  ruption as  a  Colorado  corporation  to  this
         FUNERAL  FUNDS  UP TO  $2000       stand  why  express  agents  and  the  deeds   day.
          IF YOU  ARE NOT OVER AGE 80. Supplement Social   performed  for  ·their  employers  were   This  newly  merged  company  inherited
         Security to help survivors meet your after-death bills, debts or
         family .needs. Legal reserve life insurance pays in all states and   blown  up  into  romantic  episodes  which,   the  mail' contract  held  by  Ben  Holladay
         countries  for  death  from  any  cause,  except  during  the  first   now  that the  services  are  a  thing  of the   and,  beginning  November  1,  1866,  oper-
         policr _year  for  either  suicide  or  death  from  undisclosed  pre-  past,  have  been  exaggerated  in  impor-  ated  stage  lines  in  the  Middle  West  be-
         existing  health  conditions.  Compare  lifetime  protection  and
         guaranteed  rates. No  medi~al  examination.  Easy  to  apply  by   tance  by  uninformed  writers.  Also,  the   tween  the  converging  ends  of  the  trans-
         mail direct to the Home Office. Introductory offer and applica-  personal services of the express company   Continental  railroad.
         tion  mailed  to  you  without obligation. Tear  out this reminder
         and mail  with  your  name, address, zip  code and  year of birth   employees  have  been used  as  a  means  of   Wells  Fargo's  directors  soon  realized
         to  Great  Lakes  Insurance  Company,  Elgin,  Illinois  60120.   plagiarizing  the  history  of  the  stage   their  mistake  and  recognized  that  stag-
         Dept.  G5 IX73                     lines  by  crediting  the  operation  of  the   ing was  at sunset.  On  May 16,  1868,  the
                                            stage  lines  to  the  express  companies.   board  directed  the  president  to  sell  all
         52                                                                                             True West
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