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of  the  company's  stage  lines.  This  short
       period  of  stage  line  operation  nearly   DISCOV~R THE  TRUE  WEST ...
       :ruined  the  company.
        During  the  stagecoach  era,  Wells  Far-
      go's principal business was in the express
       business in California.  When Lloyd  Tevis   with  the  new  GOLD- MASTER
       assumed  the  presidency  of  Wells  Fargo
       in  1872,  he  moved  the  operating  head-  Sensitive  Mineral,  Metal,  and
       quarters  from  New  York  to  San  Fran-
      cisco  where  it  remained  until  1905  after   Treasure  Finder.
      which  it  was  moved  back  to  New  York
       City.  Wells  Fargo  &  Co ..  has,  however,
      been  continuously  a  Colorado . corporation       Detects Gold  and  Silver Nug-
      from  1866  to  date,  and  was  never  incor-      gets,  Rings,  Coins,  Mineral
      porated  in  California.                            Float,  Veins  and  Treasures.
      AFTER  the  golden  era  of  staging  in
          California  and  overland,  the  rail-
      roads, both transcontinental and local, be-
      came  the  principal  mode  of  transporta-
      tion.  But  communities  which  were  not
      located  on  a  railroad  had  to  depend  on
      local  stage  service  to  make  connections.
      Therefore,  as  before,  there  were  still
      hundreds  of  local  short line  stage  routes   •  No  cumbersome  earphones . . .
                                             a  powerful  speaker -is  used.
      in  California.                      •  Easy  to  operate.
        A  similar  service  was  required  of  the   •  Comes  with  two  special  loops.
      express  companies,  and  they  continued   A   small  Loop  f<YT'  detecting
      to  use  the  stage  lines  for  transportation   ntUggets  and  one  for  detecting
      of  their  express  to  and  from  the  rail-  •  Instructions  .  .  .  and  fresh
       road  terminals.  This  was  the  era  of   batteries  included.
      Black  Bart in  California.  His first hold-
      up  of  a  stage  was  in  1875  and  his  last   A  small  natural  GOU>,  NUGGET  goes with · each  instrument  which  it  will  detect.
      in  1883.
        He  first  held  up  the  Sonora  to  Milton                     COMPLETE  ... ONLY
      stage,  next  the  stage  operating  between   Buy  the  GOLD-MASTER  on   $169.50
       San  Juan  and  Marysville.  The  third  was   Easy  Terms!  Just  $29.50  down
      between Yreka and  ~oseburg.  His opera-  and  balance  at  $10.57  per   Send  for  FREE  literature  now! ! !
       tions,  covering  twenty-seven  holdups,   month  .  .  .  Also  available  thru
       ranged  from  Calaveras  County  through   your  local  Finance  Co.  with  no   WHITE'S  ELECTRONICS
       the  Counties  of  Sonora,  Yuba,  Sierra,   down  payment  upon  approved   Room 401
       Butte,  Plumas,  Shasta  and  Trinity.   credit.                         1011  Pleasant  Valley  Road
        This  indeed  was  a  wide field  of opera-                               Sweet  Home,  Oregon
      tion, and it could be safely said that there
       were  as  many  different  stage  lines  in-
      volved  as  there  were  holdups.      SPECIAL  GIFT  OFFER!
        As  the business of shipping express on
       the  stage  lines  decreased,  shipments  by
       rail  increased and Wells  Fargo develo_ped
      an  immense  business..  There  were  many
       express  companies  shipping  on  the  rail-
       roads  in  different  areas.
        Due  to  the  inefficiency  of  having  to
       ship  through  several  express  companies
      over great distances,  President Woodrow
       Wilson,  as  an  emergency  war  measure,
      took over the express opera'tions of all the
      companies  in  1917,  and  combined  them
      into  the  American  Railway  Express
       Agency,  now  known  as  the  Railway  Ex-
       press  Agency.  He  did  not, .  however,   No.  49TW     No.  52TW      No.  53TW     No.  54TW
       destroy  the  corporations.  Wells  Fargo
       and  Co.  continued  under  its  original
      charter, is _still in existence, and operates
      an  armored  car  service  in  New  York
        And  now  the  lowly  wagon  comes  into
       the picture-as unappealing as the stage-
      . coach  was  exciting.  With  the  coming  of
       the railroads, the express companies used
       the  iron  horse  to  carry  their  express
       shipments.  But  they  had  the  problem  of
       delivery  to  the  railroad  and  delivery  to
       the  consignee  at  the  other  end.  This   No.  22FT     No.  25FT     No.  26FT      No.  32FT
       brought about the use  of fleets  of ,horses
       and  wagons  which  went  the  rounds  of   Here's  an  easy,  inexpensive  Gift  Package  for  you.  It's  a  present  that  is
       California  cities'  streets  delivering  ex-  . appreciated  far  beyond  its  actual  dollars-and-cents  value.  A  bundle  of  mag-
      press.  The  express  companies  were  com-  azines  with  hours  and  hours  of  fascinating  reading  with  the  timelessness  of
      pelled  to  enter  the  field  for  obvious   the  Old  West  for  ANYONE  WHO  LIKES  THE  WEST-your  dad,  brother,
       reasons.  But  the  operation  was  that  of   grandpa,  old  friend,  that  guide  who  was  so  helpful-by  gosh,  durned  nigh
      delivery  wagons  and  not  stagecoaches.   anybody!  And  you  can do  it all  for  a  measly  buck-or two  bucks  if you want
        In  presenting  the  foregoing,  it  has   both magazines sent.
      been the purpose of this author to clarify   Shown here· are our most  plentiful  issues. We'll  send  a  package of  4  to  any
      the  various  fields  of  endeavor  of  stage   address  for  $1.00!  Or,  we'll  send  all  8  for  $2.00!  Name  yer  pizen!
      lines,  the  express  companies  and  the
      United States Postal Service, and to give   This gift off er supersedes all previous offers.
      credit  where  credit  is  due.
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      July-August, 1966                                                                                      53
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