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                        What you now hold in your hands is as much a matter of
                   circumstance as anything ever could be. The Saugus Speedway
                   Scrapbook came about because one man, Ray Wilkings, talked to
                   another, Doug Stokes, before simply tossing out his private
                   collection of Saugus Speedway photographs, programs, and
                        Ray wondered aloud one day about what to do with this
                   obscure, unique historical record. Fortunately, he wondered in
                   the relative proximity of Doug Stokes, who suggested he pass it
                   along to me.
                        Racing folks somehow heard that this transaction had taken
                   place and the pressure to produce something in memory of the
                                                                                                                      Harold Osmer
                   grand old speedway began soon after. I had heard that former
                   publicist Lyn Pherigo had been collecting data and photos in this      Suffice to say that along with Spider, the talents of Gary
                   very same vein. A simple phone call launch_ed the project.        Thornhill, Rob Parker, Lyn Pherigo, and Bill Coleman are most
                        The Saugus Speedway Scrapbook is a work of passion,          prominently displayed. Other project contributors include Yagel
                   reflecting directly upon Saugus Speedway itself. Saugus Speedway   Berkovitz, Gabby Garrison, Marv Keller, Mark Parrish, Kirk
                   was the type of place that people went to on a given Saturday     Rockwell, Ken Sapper, and Ray Wilkings.
                   night simply because it was Saturday night. Somewhere between         The race records and season standings were culled from
                   your friend's house and the speedway, it might have occured to    official race reports, press releases, and programs. Several driver
                   one of you to ask the other what was running that night. But it   names appeared with a variety of spellings and we've done what
                   didn't really matter. So long as you were at Saugus Speedway, all   we could to correct them. Still, adding those variations to our
                   was right with the world.                                         own occasional errors may leave some drivers with misspelled
                        This edition covers the Later Years of 1979-1995. We are     names. These are regrettable and no offense is intended.
                   attempting to collect enough data and photos to create a second       Special thanks are due Neil Nissing, who worked his magic
                   volume for the Early Years. The Saugus Speedway Archive would     on every one of the 1400+ images and to Tom Fritz for his
                   provide a good home for your dusty old box of photos.             original oil painting of Blue Flash, now on our cover.
                        Most of the photos we used in this book bear no indication       There is very little text in the following 280 pages because if
                   of who the original photographer was. Thus, no specific credits   you were ever at Saugus Speedway, you have your own stories to
                   appear in the book. Track photographer John "Spider" Hruska       tell. I hope this book brings back many pleasant memories for
                   generously opened his entire collection of photographs to us.     you, your friends, and family.
                                                                                                                          Best Always,  Harold 0.

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