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Donna Silver - 16
                                             I've been here since September. I like being able to work at my own pace and
                                           to  receive  the extra attention I  need  to  get ahead.
                                             My favorite class is Child Development. It gave me the chance to talk about
                                           personal relationships and how to prevent and deal with pregnancy and how to
                                           raise my  own  children.
                                             Shirley has probably made the biggest difference in my life. She has inspired
                                           me to do the best I can. She was always so interested in my work that is made
                                           me want to  do  MORE work.
                                             I'd  like  to  go  to  a  junior  college  when  I  graduate  from  Bowman.  I  am
                                           interested in  Hypnotherapy.
                                             Although I  guess  I'd describe myself as  a laid back person,  I think I can
                                           accomplish most all of my goals  when  I  put my  mind to  it.
                                             In my spare time I usually go to David's house or he comes to mine. I like
                                           riding horses  and watching football  games.
                                             The best thing that ever happened to me was when my family moved up here
                                           from  the valley.  It really me get myself together.

         Shane Ray - 18
           I've been going to  Bowman since September. The thing
         that makes this school different is that you can work at your
         own  pace and  you have the opportunity for flexible  hours.
         Theatmosphere is a lot more friendly than other schools. My
         favorite subjects would be math and reading. When I leave
         Bowman I'd like to wofk in the film business. I'm generallya
         kickback. kind of person.The best thing that has ever hap-
         pened to me is  my sobriety.
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