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Scared Saracins

                                                                     ran for the locker

                                                                     room as Hart celebrated an overwhelming victory of 20 to
                                                                     0. That night the spirit was high and Hart showed Hoover
                                                                     what it takes. With the games against Agoura, Crescenta
                                                                     Valley, Burbank, Blair and Glendale, Hart fought vigor-
                                                                     ously for another win.
                                                                       With a strong defense Hart's opponents held back the
                                                                     mighty Indians. Burroughs defeated the Hart team with a
                                                                     36 point lead until the last quarter. Then Ken Long blasted
                                                                     thru for a touchdown to make the score 36 to 6.
                                                                       The Hoover game was outstanding. In the first quarter
                                                                     the Indians were in the lead with six points. Soon after
                                                                     that the Tornadoes came on strong with a whirling wind
                                                                     and scored four touchdowns leaving Hart four points
                                                                     behind at the final gun.

                                                                     OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Wyatt Lemmons blocks an opponent as Ken
                                                                     Long comes charging in. OPPOSITE PAGE P lGHT: Dennis Spasbo
                                                                     talks the next play over with Coach Wendt. T0°: Rod Simmons blocks
                                                                     for Dennis Spasbo as :,e is ready to throw to his man down field.
                                                                     ABOVE: Mark Ray holds the ball for Mark Jones as he kicks for an extra
                                                                     point. LEFT: Hart blocks a field goal.

                                                                                                      Varsity Football -  15
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