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                                                                   teamwork, power,

                                                                   and more practice are the keys to a successful football sea-
                                                                   son. Although the 1973 season was not a winning one kr
                                                                   the Indians, they did make a good showing for their first
                                                                   year in the strong Foothill League.
                                                                     The change in leagues lead to stiffer competition, but
                                                                   Hart's pig skinners spent many long hard hours in practice
                                                                   to live up to the demand. The final combination of indi-
                                                                   vidual effort and teamwork made it possible for Hart to
                                                                   stand proud, though not number one, in the league.

                                                                    TOP: "We've got to stop meeting like this." LEIT: Big no. 10 rushes the
                                                                    ball down the field. ABOVE: No. 36 appears to be in agony while the
                                                                    field doctor examines his leg.

                                                                                                      Varsity Football -  17
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