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       More Than

 - Common~---

          Imagine  the  monotony  riolet  convertibles.  Our  are.
       of a society in which we all  tastes in  music vary from    Each of us is unique, we
       looked, dressed, acted, and  Milli-Vanilli  to  Whites-   share  one  common  bond.
       sounded alike .. Life would  nake, from Living Color to  We  are  Saugus  Centuri-
       be humdrum a~d unbear- 'Debbie Gibson.                    ons.  With  all  of our  per-
       able.  But,  hey  dude!         It's OK to  root  for  the  sonalities  together,  we
       That's not the way it is.    Trojans even  if "everyone  make  Saugus  special,  su-
          Some  of us  have  pizza  else"  is  a  UCLA  Bruins  perior  to  other  schools.
       or  McDonald's  for  lunch,  fan.  Go  ahead  and  wear  Why? Because we're more
        while  others  take  part  in  sweats  while  others  sport  than common  CENTS!
        the delicate flavor of sushi.  labels  like  Guess,  Esprit,
        Many  of us  know  how  it  or Generra. But, no matter
                                                                 Varsity  tailback,  Made  Wen-
       feels  to  drive  a  "family  what, we  know we can be    ten, struts his stuff during a pre-
        mobile"  although  others  ourselves.  At  Saugus  season  practice.  ...
       tool  around town  in  Cab-  we're accepted for who we

       With  a  little  help  from  Mr.
       Okasaki, Sam Padovich, as well
       as  Mike Barrett and John Lin,
       help themselves to a piece of the
       pie .....

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